on the road again

Today is a wonderful day! I woke up when Baby A started making sounds and found him trying to escape his swaddle (as usual). He’s going to have the strongest arms ever from this daily exercise. I freed his arms, played with him for a while, fed him then strapped him onto me and left the house. We walked to Velo Rouge for coffee and a bagel sandwich then took the long route home, enjoying the crisp morning air.
Back home, we woke up Dad so I could get ready for work. I had big plans to ride my bike to our last rehearsal in the Presidio. I hadn’t yet ridden my bike post-pregnancy and didn’t feel ready to tackle the climb out of the Presidio with a violin on my back, so I arranged for my boys to meet me with the car after rehearsal.
I checked brakes and pumped up the tires then was off! I felt such pleasure being back on the road again and smiled as groups of spandex-clad cyclists passed me on their morning rides.
The steep hill into the Presidio left me breathing hard but I didn’t need to walk my bike as I’d feared I would. Good thing it’s a short climb! It’s strange that each time I bring back a new physical activity it’s easier than I assume it will be. Somehow I’m still in really good shape! It’s only a matter of not letting my aerobic capacity get the best of my physical body and end up injured.
Speaking of which, it occurred to me in the middle of a long walk yesterday that even though I haven’t run since last Saturday (my knee is still on the mend) all of my walking counts toward marathon training. I’m averaging 20 miles a week, which include one long day, similar to what I’d be doing on a real training schedule. Only, walking is gentler on my body and great for baby naps!


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