I want to be a ninja warrior

I spent the better part of our flight home yesterday watching the finals for the American Ninja Warrior– and I want to be one.  Those men are tremendous athletes and watching them train and compete was a huge inspiration. Obviously I’m not going to become ninja warrior but I did sign up for my first post-baby triathlon.  And I started training again! 

Last week, for the first time since Baby A was born, I looked at myself in the mirror and liked what I saw.  While we were on the road Baby A gained pounds and inches, all of which seem to have come directly off of me.  I’m not back to where I want to be, but I know a change in my eating habits and adding regular exercise will do the trick.  I began a 10 week training program last week with a couple of swims and a long afternoon of walking in NYC.  That’s not what my plan said to do but it was something.  This morning I brought Baby A to the childcare at my YMCA and did a 45 minute spinning workout.  I was a little nervous about leaving him for the first time, but I was just in the next room and after an hour I returned to find him asleep in the arms of one of the women.  Success!  $5 an hour doesn’t break the bank and the gym is a nice walk from our house.

the workout:

1.6 mile walk, to and from the gym

45 minute spin bike workout-

10 min warm-up, easy spin, spin-ups (accelerate then decelerate over 30 second intervals), pedal with one leg at a time (keep the other attached to the pedal but just along for the ride)

5x 6 min pacing intervals- 4:30 min quick pace (100-110 rpm), 1:30 min recovery

4x 1:30 min climbing intervals- begin by increasing weight on wheel from previous sets, pedal out of seat for 1:15, sit for :15 without adjusting the wheel weight, turn 1/4 turn and repeat

5 min cool-down

Stretching and a few core exercises with Baby A later or while he takes an afternoon nap! 

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