weekend food… i mean exercise

New and creative ways to exercise are popping up.  For instance, when I take Baby A to the pool now I alternate between playing with him and using him as a barbell.  The warm pool is shallow and offers just the right amount of support for my aching knees and weak abs.  I do lunges forward and backward across the pool, plié squats and parallel squats while lifting him above my head.  Then I hold a boat pose on the steps with Baby A balanced on my bent knees.  In between each set I help him kick and float and blow bubbles in his face.  He still doesn’t react to the bubbles but one of these days I know I’ll get a smile!

On Saturday my husband took baby duty while I swam laps.  We were looking forward to dim sum for lunch so when I stopped swimming after 600 yards and proclaimed I was too tired to swim more, my husband told me I couldn’t have any dim sum unless I swam 200 more.  I figured if I was swimming 200, I might as well do a few more and make it an even 1/2 mile.  Nothing like food to motivate!

On Sunday, I woke up cheerful after a good night’s sleep and decided I’d whisk Baby A out of the house and let Dad sleep a bit more.  I was excited to go running but dismayed to find the park swarming with runners from the SF marathon.  Seeing so many of them looking exhausted and satisfied made me nostalgic for the days when I too woke up before the sun to race.  I still wake when it’s dark, but to feed a hungry baby, not groggily pull on my sneakers!   Anyhow, I decided to push upstream as best I could with my monster stroller until I couldn’t go any further, then turned back to run across the park and visit the farmers market. (there’s that food thing again!)  My knee was bothering me by the time I arrived, so I leisurely admired the colorful produce, made my selections and ambled home.  By the time we entered the house, Baby A was deep into his morning nap and I enjoyed a blissfully, long shower… while anticipating what I’d eat for brunch.

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