sprints and hills and bears, oh my

“Don’t even think about jumping your bikes.  They are way too heavy and they don’t have shocks!”  Our perky spin instructor with the cool accent and crazy muscular legs was leading us through a ride she’d enjoyed during a recent biking “holiday” in Yosemite.  We were on road bikes for most of the ride as she described the scenery, encouraged us up a 7 mile climb and urged us to pedal faster on the descent.  Then suddenly we were single tracking on mountain bikes.  This is when she instructed us not to jump our bikes. (I’ve only riden a real mountain bike once, on my second day in Breckenridge at 9,000 feet.  I remember sobbing as I hyper-ventilated on the climb, then getting off my bike to walk through each switchback on the way down.  For some reason I have a fond memory of mountain biking.)  Anyhow, during yesterday’s mountain bike portion we landed on a fire road with fresh bear tracks.  Then we spotted the bear and took off at breakneck speed.  I’m quite certain, had I been on an actual bike, I would have wiped out and been somebody’s dinner.  As it was, in the spin class I only nearly reached the point of puking.  I haven’t pushed myself that hard in a long, long time!

Throughout the class, beside the fabulous narration, our instructor reminded us to use core muscles, opening chest and back, relax shoulders and breathe, and alternately dangle toes or feel weight in heels, depending on if we were seated or standing, climbing or sprinting.  I was sorry to leave early (child watch closed 15 minutes before class ended!) but look forward to next Monday’s ride.  We’re racing in the Olympics!

the workout:

35 min spin, 10 miles, 225 calories

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