streamlining my belly

I almost never warm up at the beginning of my swims anymore.  This is partly because I’m always in a hurry and partly because the pool is so cold that these days the term warm-up means swimming as fast as I can until I get warm.

I bought a new suit Wednesday because my old one was beginning to get baggy.  I actually had the thought when trying on suits that I might venture into a bikini again.  Someday.  Once the linea negra goes away completely. (will it?)  The fact that I’m starting to accept my new belly with its gentle curve instead of six pack is a big step for me.  I do still have hope of finding that six pack again.  Someday.

There’s something about new gear that helps me move faster and feel better.  When I got into the pool today I think I was more stream-lined, hence quicker.  Wearing a suit that fits like a glove again instead of something that’s slightly reminiscent of the horrible 90s baggy t-shirt style was quite a pleasure.  Oh, and that tight suit holds in my belly like a girdle!

I’m trying to structure my short workouts to get the most out of them instead of swimming mindlessly.  As always, I am goal oriented and have no use for moving my arms and legs without focus.

the workout:

#1  15:00  Jump in a swim as many 50 yd repeats as possible, sprint 25yd/ easy 25 yd,  I fit in 13 repeats (650 yds)

#2 900 yds  Warm up 150 ez, 150 free L5, 150 back L6, 150 breast L7, 150 free L8, Warm down 150 ez

my personal sail

Running with all of the flaps closed on the Bob stroller feels a little like I’m running holding my own personal sail – directly in front of me. We’ve been mostly walking lately because my knees are not feeling great but on Friday I decided to try running again. It was a very windy day and I wanted to protect baby a from the elements but after a few minutes of barely moving, I decided he was well enough bundled and I opened a few flaps. Running instantly became easier, although not easy by any means. I made it about a mile and a half before deciding we were going to walk the rest of the run.

For the most part, my week of exercise didn’t exactly go as planned, but as I look back on the week, we hit several major tourist attractions on our walks!

The Ferry Building: We were wilting in the fog at home so when I heard friends were meeting for lunch, I jumped at the opportunity to go early and walk in the sunshine.  (It was the first of two events this week to which I actually arrived early!)

The Palace of Fine Arts: How in the world have I lived here for 11 years and never been to the Palace of Fine Arts? The grounds are absolutely gorgeous. We discovered this completely by chance on a day when we were supposed to swim. I had Baby A in the ergo and was already at the pool when I found out our swim partners would not be coming so I decided to walk at Crissy Field. Of course I had forgotten that you can no longer get to Crissy Field directly from the Presidio so we explored a new detour and ended up at the Palace of Fine Arts.

Crissy Field: We walk here all the time but it’s always strikingly gorgeous. There’s nothing like seeing fog rolling over the Golden Gate Bridge.

The De Young museum: I’ve been meaning to get today Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit since it opened. I became a member of the museum when I was pregnant thinking it would be a great place to walk with my newborn baby. There were a lot of things I didn’t know back then. However, on Thursday morning it was cold and foggy out and we needed an early walk so I strapped Baby A into the ergo and walked into the park to see if the De Young museum was already open. Upon entering the exhibit one helpful docent mentioned that he needed to stay on my front because backpacks are not allowed.  Obviously she’s never tried to maneuver a baby in one of these packs all by herself.  I’m not sure Baby A was at all impressed by the talking manequins and silicone bras, but I found the exhibit interesting.

Baby A and I probably put 10 miles on my running shoes this week. Unfortunately it wasn’t all running but we still got out, explored some new places and enjoyed the fresh air.