baby brick

Seeing as I’ve got a triathlon coming up, I decided I should do two sports today.  The term “brick workout” has taken on a new meaning.  With a baby in the picture, I can’t exactly bike to the pool, swim, then bike home (someday he’ll do it with me!) so today I did the best I could.  My baby brick went something like this:

eat a snack, feed Baby A while he looks interested in everything but eating

give up and put him on his play mat where he squeals with delight and bats at his animal friends

try on my new running skirt & tank, hope the only sports bra thin enough for swimming will also be run-appropriate (nothing new on race day!)

run 2.3 miles pushing the stroller, taking occasional breaks to talk to ducks and squirrels

attempt to put Baby A down for a nap (he really was yawning and falling asleep in the stroller!)

give up after 45 minutes and feed him until he falls asleep (right away)

dust off my bike trainer and find a video on how to attach my bike (yes, it has been that long)

find a tour de france documentary on netflix and spin for half hour

Whew!  That was one of the most complicated bricks I’ve ever done.  I made myself lunch before I sat down at my computer- just to be sure I’d actually get food before Baby A wakes up!  Now… shower time!

the workout: 2.3 mile run, 30 min spin on bike trainer

six month mark

The moment my limbs touched the water this morning a feeling of relaxation washed over me. I love bringing Baby A to the pool but can’t remember the last time I went swimming all by myself! I decided on a half mile goal and began with an actual warm up instead of just racing through my laps. Toward the end of my swim, someone tapped my head in the middle of a lap and said in an annoyingly chipper voice “you need to circle swim now”. I apologized and explained that nobody mentioned it to me. Apparently Miss Cheerful missed the memo that you can’t just join a lane and begin circling, hoping everyone else will notice. Pool etiquette People!
Then the Masters swimmers descended on the pool for their fin-enhanced speed session and I decided it was time for me to finish up.
It occurred to me today that my upcoming sprint triathlon not only marks my first race post-baby but it’s also just after Baby A’s six month birthday. I can’t believe that six months ago today I was still waiting to meet him!

the workout: 900 yd swim- 200 warmup, 500 freestyle, 200 cool down

one strong momma

I need to brag a little. This morning I ran to the beach and back. For the first time since before I was pregnant. 6 miles. Pushing a running stroller. I only walked three short times and even with those walk breaks my pace averaged 10.37 minute miles. I reached a 7 minute mile pace at one point (I must have been chasing the stroller down hill or something!)

I really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. Funny enough, beside the fact that I really had no choice about getting out of bed, the thing that enticed me the most was my morning run with Baby A. As we began, I decided I’d like to set the big goal of reaching the beach. This was inspired by a friend who texted me Friday that she’d just completed a 16 mile training run. I love hearing when my friends reach exercise milestones and decided now that I have my (almost) every other day run pattern established, it’s time for a new milestone.  So we ran to the beach!  The way there was easy, mostly down hill, and a little foggy.  The sun chased us the entire way down the avenues, but we won.  On the way back, the sun appeared a block from the beach and I flipped the sun shade over Baby A.  He immediately fell asleep and enjoyed the ride while his Momma huffed and puffed her back back up the avenues.  It was lovely all around and I was exhausted by the time I allowed myself to stop running- the exact second mapmyrun hit 6 miles.  (Goals, goals)  I think I’m going to be sore tomorrow, but tonight I’m still basking in the success of my longest run in a year!

the workout:

6 miles, 583 calories, 1:03

When you’re ready, have a beer

Did the spin instructor really say that in my Saturday morning spin class? For a second I thought so but then I reevaluated the situation and realized she’d only told us to move the gear- as in, turn the knob on the bike to make the wheel heavier. Oh well.

At the beginning of our warmup she asked us to set an intention for the class. I was so thrilled to be there that I quickly decided my intention was to enjoy every moment of my workout. Baby A slept straight through last night then woke us talking to himself at the very acceptable time of 7:30. I checked the Y schedule and found a 45 minute class beginning in an hour. Plenty of time to feed him, grab a snack and get there, right? Just barely! I’d blame it on the kid but it always took me ages to get out the door before he existed and I may actually be more organized these days.

Throughout the class we focused on RPMs (rotations per minute), alternating between sitting and standing, adding more weight to the wheel then taking it away for short recoveries. This sort of workout is perfect for me because I never got around to installing a bike computer on my Supersix and my legs can get pretty lazy when I’m moving along without a goal outside.
The music mix was great and I was extra excited when a Primus song began. Take me back to high-school! (planetarium laser show, anyone?)

The workout:
40 min spin plus warmup/cool down
12 miles, 350 calories
Core work & stretching


I temporarily lost all interest in blogging.  Plus, who has the time? I’m not really sure what I did with myself before I had a baby to fill my hours!  We’re slowing falling into routines, which make life much easier and more predictable (at least as predictable as life can be with a 5 month old).  One thing we’re pretty consistent with is our every-other-morning runs.  Most of the time it’s foggy and chilly.  Sometimes we’re dodging sprinklers.  Sometimes I can barely push the stroller against the wind.  Sometimes I’m chatting with my little running companion, only to peep under the cover and find him fast asleep.  Sometimes I have tons of energy and want to keep running.  Sometimes my empty stomach complains because I forgot to grab a snack on my way out the door.  I love every one of these runs and I’m pretty sure Baby A enjoys our routine too.  He admires the trees, does some good people watching and wonders why his crazy Mom acts so surprised and thrilled to see him every time she looks into the stroller (me: oh my! where did you come from??).  It always gets a giggle but I’m pretty sure the game is old news to him, as he remembers I’m just behind him pushing the stroller.

My sprint triathlon is less than a month away and I’ll be prepared for the swim and the run portions.  I might even be comfortable on my bike by then.  Between periodic baby swap swims with a friend, a week of swimming while my parents were here and weekends at the pool with my husband, I can breeze through 1/4 mile. However, I’ve been on my bike exactly two times.  Both were this past week, both were under 10 mile rides in the park, and after both I felt saddle sore.  I’m planning on attending a couple of spin classes this week and after that I’ll have to see what happens.

Now on to the most important part of my training… sleep!