I tried something new yesterday.  After my swim, I showered at the pool and used samples of shampoo and conditioner I’d picked up at the store. My scalp tingled from the peppermint and tea tree oils and felt refreshed by the eucalyptus and rosemary essence.  I laughed to myself as I realized that I horde free samples but never use them.  I clean them out of the closet every 5 years when my husband insists.  I was on a roll so after my shower I really went out on a limb and in place of my usual lotion, I tested out the 2 chic body super potion.  Wow!  What a great scent and yes, I was glistening slightly.  Feeling like a super hero, I admired the muscles across my back, which are growing more defined as Baby A grows and stepped on the scale.  Back down to pre-baby weight.  Whohoo!

Okay, so I’m totally off track here but since I haven’t written in almost a month, I’m taking liberties as I ease back into it.  It’s not that I don’t want to write and not that I haven’t been working out.  (Exercise is one thing that’s super easy to do with a baby.  I either pop him into the running stroller or drop him off at the gym day care.)  Nope, it’s that time thing.  I’ve learned that when (if) he takes a nap, I lay down too.  The laundry can wait.  The e-mails can wait.  And yes, the blog can wait.  

Now, down to business.  My swim yesterday was a quick, thorough workout.  Done in 20 minutes with time to take a leisurely shower and try my hair product samples!  I was sorry that the only spot in the pool was a lane without sun rays, but I took it because it was better than circling with others.  I began slowly, then gradually picked up speed during my first 300 yards.  I mixed up my strokes and sprinted during the next 300 and in the final 300 I started fast then decreased my speed until the last few laps were a cool down.  1/2 mile done!

the workout: 900 yd swim

3 x 100 yd freestyle, each 100 consecutively faster, RI: 5-10 seconds

100 yd back and breast stroke mix, 100 yd freestyle sprint, 100 yd back and breast stroke

3 x 100 yd freestyle, each 100 consecutively slower, RI: 2-10 seconds, last 25 back stroke to stretch