… and the people getting stoned

Two days ago my run felt ridiculously difficult but I and my enthusiastic little running buddy forged ahead. I noticed as I neared Stow Lake that the stroller was pulling in one direction but promptly forgot about it as we searched for some ducks to quack at. Part way around the lake, I realized we had a flat tire. Luckily this one was a slow leak, not an explosion like last time. I continued running, putting extra weight on my right arm to try and balance the stroller, and luckily we made it home before the tire lost all of its air.
Last night my husband changed the tube for me (when did I decide I couldn’t do this stuff myself anymore??) and we were ready to rock again this morning.
It’s below 40 degrees here today, which although not technically freezing, feels like the North Pole in San Francisco. My intention was to do a gym workout but I couldn’t bring myself to put Baby A in the car, so I bundled us both up and started walking in the direction of the Richmond Y. Then inspiration hit: why not just run up the 15th avenue hill and enjoy the view since we were dressed for running anyway? My motivation lasted exactly four blocks, at which time I re-routed to a more sensibly flat run near Mountain Lake Park. I discovered a loop around the park I’d never taken before, used by dog walkers and few stray runners. On the final uphill, breathing hard, I yelled to Baby A, “do you see the puppies over there?” then refrained myself from adding as I ran through a puff of smoke “and the people getting stoned over there?” A recreational trail in every sense.
On our way home I actually had to push the stroller on the downhill because of the strong headwind. Better that than the other direction!
My arms are sore but I’m pleased with the workout and thrilled that I picked a route right by the dry cleaners, where our tablecloth from thanksgiving has been living since Black Friday! So much for being on top of things…