Maybe it’s the jet lag but my math skills were non-existent this morning at the gym. It wasn’t until I’d completed my half hour of cardio that I realized it was I’m fact only 25 minutes. Oh well.
We’re back on the east coast and my mother-in-law brought me to her gym because with temperatures in the teens there’s no way I’m going to run outside. What punishment after 70s beach runs last week in Tel Aviv!
My intention was to run for half hour but my body didn’t feel up to it so I warmed up and began on the techno something or other machine that seemed to simulate rollerblading (or cross country ski racing?). I then moved from machine to machine, spending five minutes on each. Techno, treadmill, elliptical, escalator, bike. Yep, that’s five minutes on each to total twenty five minutes!
I then found the assisted pull-up/dip machine and did three sets of each followed by push-ups. Apparently, carrying Baby A around isn’t keeping my upper body as strong as I thought. Finally, I stretched and did a few core exercises using a foam roller & cardio ball.
Back out into the cold.…

The workout: 25 minute cardio circuit- a good workout and boredom prevention, upper body strengthening, core work, stretches

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