to do… get a bike trailer

I really wanted to swim today but lap lanes and childcare didn’t line up with in-between-nap times. So I found myself at the gym on the machines. This was carefully planned to back up to Baby A’s post-swim lesson nap. Whew! And to think I’m not even working right now. How will I ever fit that back into my schedule?!

I ran in the clouds, forward and backward for 15 minutes of elliptical boringness then moved to a stationary bike. Not even a spin bike since I didn’t have bike shoes or padded shorts. The large squishy seat treated me fine but as I stared off into space, listening to food talk on The Splendid Table, I realized that I could actually be biking in the sun towing Baby A.
So, added to tonight’s to-do list… start researching bike trailers. And plan to get a better workout tomorrow at Boot Camp. In the sunshine with Baby A.

the workout: 30 minutes of cardio, split between machines to break up the boredom


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