after no sleep… just run

Most mornings, no matter how tired I am, the little munchkin’s cuteness reminds me that I’ll deal with the day fine. This morning I needed a little extra motivation since I really, really just wanted him to fall back to sleep. He’s in a new screaming hysterically and inconsolably in the middle of the night phase (any helpful insights??) so I slept less than five hours last night even though my husband was the one actually out of bed. I used to be a nine hours a night kind of gal but on the mornings when I woke up sleep deprived (or hungover) I would often get myself rolling with a run.
Once it was apparent that Baby A was indeed up for good this morning, I popped him into the running stroller and off we went.
I was sure that he would doze off but those ducks around Stow Lake are so interesting! And the squirrels. And the other runners. The morning was dewy and gorgeous, and every tree in the park was in full bloom.
Beside sleeping in, there is no better way to start a day!

the workout: 2.8 mile run


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