hangover cure

Back in the days before mommy-hood, I liked to sweat out the occasional hangover with a good run.  Last night we went out on an impromptu double date (after trying 5 sitters I found one who was available at the last minute!) and polished off a few bottles of sake.  Since my drinking consists of an occasional glass of wine these days, after several glasses of sake I was feeling pretty good.  I drank a big glass of water at the post- dinner bar then slept a solid six hours.  Morning came too soon and I think I was hungover.  It’s been so long that I barely remember the feeling.  Getting up for a run sounded like the worst idea in the world, so I passed Baby A off to my husband and went back to sleep.  Yay for Daddy time!  Once Baby A went down for his morning nap it was either time for me to take another nap or hit the trails.  I knew that if I didn’t do my long run today, it would need to be done pushing the running stroller tomorrow.  I had three goals: run at least 6 miles, see the beach, and stay on trails.  Check, check and check.

I made my way toward the trail to beach loop I used to run before I was pregnant.  I passed the disc golf course, the slimy green model yacht club pond, the buffalo grazing in their huge pen, and many cherry trees in bloom.  I hit the beach at just under three miles, so I ran along the beach path for a ways then climbed back up the park on the Sunset side.  I took one walk break when I didn’t think I could run uphill any longer, then cut across the park in a homeward direction.  I’m tired and need a good stretch, but any remnants of alcohol have left my system.  Now I’m going to enjoy a huge plate of chicken fried rice freshly made by my husband!

the workout: 6.20 miles, 58:23, 9:25 min/mi ave

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