motion & stillness

I enjoyed a nostalgic calm moment yesterday in baby yoga class. We were singing the savasana song and maybe one out of ten kids was relaxed beside a parent. Most of us were partially lying down, eyes half open, watching our munchkin steal a water bottle, settle onto another person’s mat, climb the curtains, anything beside being still. I sang a particular note and was transported to another time in my life when yoga classes, meditation and wholistic retreats were more the norm. I’ve been thinking lately that Baby A seems especially active and uninterested in ever sitting calmly. It occurred to me that he never sees me enjoying a still moment so how would he know to do it himself? I’ve added in three yoga breaths each day as I hold him before nap time. Some days he is instantly in tune with my breathing and relaxes, other days he make it through two breaths then can’t possible contain himself and bursts out of my arms back to his books.

I’ve committed to observing a few moments of stillness whenever possible. Yesterday it came in the form of lying in bed, eyes closed for a few late afternoon minutes while Baby A tweaked my nose and banged my arm up and down. Today I did my own version of a chakra meditation then fell into a deep relaxation while Baby A napped. I woke up and felt a delicious calm pulsing through my limbs. I stretched my legs and was reminded of the soreness setting in from yesterday’s (really) difficult run.

After our packed morning of playground, non- silence in yoga and a delightful lunch date with new friends, I drove to the south bay during nap time. I made my way to an entrance of the Stanford Dish and parked in the shade while Baby A finished his nap. The second he woke I changed into running clothes, unloaded the running stroller & slathered sunscreen all over both of us. He wasn’t pleased to move from carseat to stroller but I crossed my fingers and starting walking toward the first of the crazy hills. As I climbed, I peered over my shoulder at the burnt orange rooftops dotting the university and was transported back to Boulder’s Flatirons overlooking CU. I miss Colorado but felt an adrenalin rush as I realized I was doing something I pictured a hard core Colorado mountain mom doing; Running while pushing a jogging stroller up and down the hills. The heat and the hills did me in but I ran as much of the loop as possible and was thoroughly satisfied with myself by the end. Baby A, on the other hand was decidedly unsatisfied with his predicament and we listened to loud children’s music for the second half of the run. So much for communing with nature. But also much better than listening to a screaming baby.

Run complete, we set off to find a park before my little bundle of energy exploded. It’s a constant challenge to find balance in our days and anyone who knows me will agree that I err on the side of over-active, but being in motion makes me happy. And happy mama means happy baby!

the workout: 3.68 mile run/walk, hot & challenging



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