My first thought this morning was, “It’s saturday. I can sleep in!”. Then I realized it is Tuesday. And I remembered I have a baby so we don’t sleep in anymore. Oh well. I haven’t run since the Dish run Friday. I sorta lost motivation after my race was cancelled, so I IMG_7197thought running with others might get me going again. The Y has a running club that meets two mornings a week so I reserved a space in childcare ahead of time then dropped Baby A off this morning at 9. Six of us ran a loop near Crissy Field and all was going well until I went around a blockade and forgot to watch my step. Down I went flat onto the gravel. Road rash stings and so does digging dirt out of skin. One hand, both knees, an elbow, a leg and a broken water bottle… ugh! The new running outfit is covered in dirt but the material held up against the road. The ladies kindly helped me clean up and bandage as best I could, then we continued back toward the Y. I did enjoying meeting some interesting runners and I hope to join them for another run soon.

My neck started hurting a bit and I’ve now spent a good part of Baby A’s nap time to coordinate a massage with a baby sitter to no avail. Finding stillness in my days is wonderful but I’d better focus on remaining present while I’m in motion!

the workout: 4.9 mile run

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