mind your T’s and S’s

My husband is Jewish. I’m not. Our son will grow up speaking Hebrew and English and my muddled version of Hebrew. He will learn the Jewish traditions and be immersed in the culture. He will know Hanukkah as well as Christmas. Tonight he will dip his first apple in honey as we celebrate the Jewish new year. He loves dipping so for now this is what Rosh Hashanah will mean to him.

For me it’s a chance at another New Year. An opportunity to reflect on the past year and think about how I will chose to live the coming year. I am on a constant quest to live in the moment and be more accepting of myself & others. My son reminds me to live in the present. How can I be anywhere else when his beautiful smiling face is exuding pure joy? My own mistakes remind me to go easier on everyone. This morning, for example, I realized that the New Years photo card I sent out has a misspelled word in the single line of hebrew. Ugh… I’m always getting T’s & S’s confused on my keyboard. Beside being embarrassed that this card was sent to all of my husband’s hebrew speaking relatives, I was annoyed that he didn’t catch it while proof-reading. This brought up another now-hilarious major mistake. A few years back we were on a plane full of jews heading to New York for Passover. Making polite conversation, I asked the guy next to me where he’d be spending the third Seder. There are only two Seders. Oops.

How does this all translate to workouts? It means that when I miss a run, I’ll try to not allow myself to be in a bad mood later since I skipped a workout. It means that when I’m biking to work and a car/other biker does something I consider stupid, instead of yelling something or thinking mean thoughts for the rest of my ride I’ll try to let it go quickly. It means that when I’m in the middle of a difficult workout I’ll try to embrace the moment instead of praying for it to be over. Wish me luck! And Shana Tova… may your year be sweet and good.



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