When my husband walks into the kitchen and sees a stick of butter sitting on the counter he knows I’m making him chocolate IMG_8761chip cookies.  He jokes (or maybe I only think he’s joking) that one of the reasons he married me is I make cookies on demand.  Tonight I ate half the dough before putting the cookies into the oven and it was super delicious!  Generally after a good workout and a healthy meal I don’t crave sweets as much but tonight seemed to be an exception.

This evening I signed Baby A into child-watch at 5pm and ran a mile before spin class.  It’s supposed to be a 45 minute class but we only did 35 minutes of actual (very hard) work so I was free to run another half mile before my hour of childcare was up.  I pushed myself in the bike class so I would reach 12 miles and took it easy on the runs.  I came out sweaty and exhausted, wondering why in the world anyone would choose to do a duathlon (run-bike-run) instead of a triathlon.  My pool opens again tomorrow!

the workout: 1 mile run, adjusting speed and incline frequently/ 36 minutes spinning, 12 miles, pushing up to 25mph occasionally in sprints/ .5 mile run, 9:30 min mi


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