getting those abs

While practicing violin is certainly not going to get me abs like this, I appreciate that I might be burning some calories while learning notes.  Gotta love multi-tasking.

I just finished washing dishes, which is apparently an activity that utilizes abdominal muscles.  Who knew?  I am aware of every little muscle in my body today after my introduction to Pop Physique yesterday.  I may not end up with those abs from playing violin, but this class is sure to give results.  The abdominal exercises were the only sequence that I successfully completed without resting (several times) in the middle and not surprisingly, my abs are the sorest part of me. Pop Physique is another barre-based class but the website looks more like an American Apparel underwear add.  The website also specifies “Even though our promotional images feature super hot shorts and tiny leotards that zip…we recommend long slim exercise pants that cover your knees and fitted tanks or t-shirts.”

Before the holidays I was on a roll  getting back into cycling shape.  Then I stopped riding my bike and stopped attending spin classes.  Back to square one.  I’ve got a babysitter booked for upcoming Wednesday rides but today I did a spin at the gym.  A quick web search found a couple 30 minute classes from my favorite YouTube fitness channel, eFit30.  The highlight of today’s workout was during my first climb when the instructor told me in her charming Australian accent “your butt should flirt with the nose of the seat”.  I wonder if that was scripted or if she threw it in because she was bored?

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