spinning away jet-lag

Maybe a really difficult spin class wasn’t the smartest way to deal with jet-lag (and a 3am wake-up) but I’m none the worse for it and my son loved being back at the Y childcare.  I realized a few days ago that I’ve strayed far from my initial purpose of sharing specific workouts so here’s a good one, thanks to the Monday morning Presidio YMCA spin instructor:

The class was taught based on aerobic (60% HR), anaerobic threshold (75% HR) and anaerobic can’t sustain effort (90% HR).  I didn’t have a HR monitor but our instructor used RPMs to help us gage effort and told us that if we were able to spin with our mouths closed in the top two effort levels, we weren’t working hard enough.

the workout:  1 hr spin class, 20.8 miles, 847 calories

5 min warm up then drop wheel back to 0 resistance and add 3 turns to begin workout

3 x 1:00 intervals–  :30 @ 75 RPM, resistance up half turn :30 @ 85 RPM

1 min recovery

large pyramid: resistance at 3 1/2 turns

6 min aerobic, alternating seated & standing, 70-75 RPM

3 min anaerobic threshold, seated, 85-90 RPM

1 min anaerobic all out, as hard as you can go

1 min recovery

1 min anaerobic all out, as hard as you can go

3 min anaerobic threshold, seated, 85-90 RPM

6 min aerobic, alternating seated & standing, 70-75 RPM

2 min recovery

small pyramid: repeat above with 2min, 2 min, 1 min etc

flat road w/ headwind: no idea what we did- guess I’m tired

short effort uphill intervals:  3 X :15 aerobic (75 RPM), 1/2 -1 turn higher resistance :15 all out, :30 RI

last push uphill: resistance to 4-5 turns, 1 min anaerobic (85 RPM)

5 min cool down then stretching 


a run a day keeps the pita away


The “rule” here in hummus restaurants is that you’re supposed to eat your entire bowl of hummus using just one pita. My problem is that when the basket in front of me is full of delicious warm pitas I can’t possibly eat just one. I can feel my waistband expanding and I’ve only been here for 10 days. What’s a girl to do? Run, run, and run some more. And throw in a swim. And bike to class. Sounds like tons of exercise when I write it but I’m not going long distances or moving particularly fast so I am still out-eating my exercise. Good thing I’m only here a couple more weeks!

This morning I actually ran with my husband for the first time in forever. He was busy hacking portals (if you use a Nexus phone you might know what I’m talking about) and I was busy yelling at him for constantly taking his phone out. Despite that, we thoroughly enjoyed the time together and our run was the perfect start to the day!

On Friday (my birthday!) I treated myself to a swim at Gordon pool. I’m somewhat obsessed by this gorgeous unheated 50 meter salt water pool with deck views of the Mediterranean. I swam next to a team of speedo-clad men. The ones you actually want to see in speedos. I managed to survive a kilometer then exited the pool freezing (I forgot it’s bring-your-own-towel) and joined my husband at the marina cafe for a hot chocolate.

the workouts: 1 km swim, 3.7 mile run


new routine


Jet-lag is subsiding and we all slept until 6am when the garbage trucks woke us this morning. My philosophy is, if I have to be up at that hour I might as well start the day with a little exercise followed by a tasty breakfast. When renting a crib I’d inquired about a running stroller and the guy actually said, “you mean for sport? We don’t have those here.” So my husband and I traded off running and chasing Baby A around the playground.

The dust cloud that has been sitting over Tel Aviv the past couple of days is finally clearing. Blue sky was beginning to peek through during my run and the temperature was perfect. My legs felt heavy even though I’ve biked short distances each day and also ran two days ago. My focus for the past five weeks has been solely on violin and audition prep, so although I’ve been mentally and physically exhausted each night, the feeling was different from my usual training regime. I’m excited to get into a routine of regular runs along the namal and through Ha Yarkon Park, biking to hebrew lessons and swimming at Gordon pool!

For breakfast we tried a cafe which had attracted me with tempting aromas during my run. It was the most delicious meal I’ve eaten since our arrival last Thursday- and I love the food here! In the middle of breakfast I got a call that my placement exam at the Ulpan had been moved up an hour so I finished quickly and raced to the nearest Green Bike station. I can pick up a bike wherever I am and drop it off wherever I’m going. It’s a brilliant system and beside the severe lack of bike lanes & abundance of scary drivers, it’s the easiest way to get around here.

The picture below is from my ride to the audition. I quite enjoyed looking stylish and commuting by bike like at home 😉


the workout: 2.86 miles, 9:38 min/mi, 267 calories