quick fix

My plan was to swear off running for a couple of weeks while I’m in San Luis Obispo performing with Festival Mozaic. I didn’t have space in the car for our running stroller and thought a couple weeks off would provide a good opportunity for my foot to rest. However, without biking and swimming at my disposal I only lasted four days.
Today while my son was napping and I should have been practicing I finally gave in to my craving and changed into running shoes. My reasoning was simple; my hand was aching too much to play more and my internet cut out as I was trying to listen & study my orchestra parts. I figured getting some blood pumping would help my hand and hoped I’d have enough cell service to stream my music. Plus I was curious where the bike path behind my house led.


The results? My hand actually feels somewhat better, I rocked out to two movements of a Schumann symphony on repeat (I know, I’m totally cool) and the bike path turns into a street which winds its way around Moro Bay. Overall, I feel 110% better than when I began so I’d call this one a success!

the workout: easy 2.5 mile jog with a sprint up final hill, forward & backward lunges, planks, stretching