a smirk & too many calories

Maybe a breakfast burrito, monkey bread & dirty chai is slight overkill but let me lay out the facts:

1. I started my day with a big bowl of steel cut oatmeal. It’s one of the few healthy breakfasts my toddler loves so whenever I think of it, I toss ingredients into the rice cooker at night and set the timer for breakfast. My point being, at least I began my day in a healthy fashion.

2. I biked to the farmers market then, laden with my fresh treasures, climbed into the Presidio. I had a triumphant moment as I pedaled up the steep block and saw the four guys who’d just zipped by me walking their bikes up the sidewalk. I may have smirked. Just a little.

3. I made it to the pool in record time and swam my half mile in the fast lane. To be fair, our fast lane was more of a medium-slow lane today but that suited me fine because I still needed to bike up and out of the Presidio to Hayes Valley.

4. In an hour we have our third La Boheme performance of the weekend. It’s short but takes focus and energy.

5. Technically I’m now eating for two. I actually looked it up before writing this and according to Fit Pregnancy I need 340 extra calories. They suggest some high protein, healthy snacks but I prefer my monkey bread.

the workout:
10 mile bike (by the time I get home this evening)
1/2 mile swim – 6 X 150 yd, 100 free /25 back/ 25 breaststroke




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