wiggle your ears

I’d never heard those words used as a cue in spin class before tonight but the moment I wiggled my ears I felt my jaw slacken and shoulders drop.  Try it, it works!

Today’s substitute spin instructor began class by informing us we were not going to push hard in the work intervals and the rest intervals would be true rest.  Sure, but what’s the point?  Rejuvenation!  In a country full of folks who live extravagantly through December then begin the new year with resolutions for cleaner living on January 1st, our spin instructor had decided to begin early and encouraged us to join her.

So for my final spin class of 2014, I took it easy.  Despite being mildly irritated by the need to sit almost upright to avoid knees bumping my growing belly, I spun 2/3 the distance of my usual Monday ride and still worked up a light sweat.  Our final working set was inspired by power = force x velocity.  We performed three sets, increasing weight on the wheel until it was necessary to stand, sprinted standing for :15 then returned to the seat for the final :30 heavy climb.  It was tough.

Honestly, I felt a little slighted by the lack of intensity but it’s good to be reminded occasionally to relax and wiggle your ears.

Happy Rejuvenating!