25 week belly

I gave myself a serious pep-talk before plunging into the icy water today. A late afternoon haze already covered the sun and the wind was picking up. Today was my coldest swim yet but I knew after the initial shock I would enjoy it.

These days I often feel short of breath when I’m standing or laying down but when I’m actually moving, I feel great. I think the baby loves our swims also. The rocking motion must put him to sleep because I never feel movement when I’m in the water. I also suspect that my big belly, in combination with the salt water is making me more buoyant.

A few notable moments from my past swims:
1. Woman in tiny bikini, high heals & big headphones prances onto the pool deck. Puts her bag down then sashays to the edge of the pool and, butt toward lap lanes, shimmies in the sunlight. Men swimming are gulping for air & forgetting to swim.
2. I pass slow guy in front of me who refuses to let me pass at wall. He immediately sprints past me then pulls in front of me and resumes annoyingly slow pace. Sorta like the drivers here.
3. All the women in the locker room love to walk around naked, chatting with one another and on their phones. All (no matter age) wear sexy underthings.
4. Although I’m pregnant I’m still moving faster and swimming with better technique than most everyone around me. Bragging? Who, me?

the workout:
1 kilometer freestyle every time, no drills