boot camp burn

We prepared to leave the house yesterday morning at 9am, Aviv disguised as Superman and Eitan screaming at me. The yelling had something to do with chocolate chip vs blueberry pancakes and not wanting to get dressed. I finally packed up Eitan’s breakfast and calmly told my naked, noisy three-year-old that he could get in the car naked if he wished. As we drove down the street (Eitan fully clothed and munching contentedly on the chocolate chip-decorated blueberry pancakes) I mentioned to Aviv that tomorrow morning he’d be starting school at the same hour he’d woken up this morning. He groaned and slouched behind his superman mask. I silently calculated how much earlier I’d be setting my alarm and realized only the prospect of a really great workout could have motivated me to pack the kids up and drive across the city instead of lounging at home on our final morning of summer break.

When my friend invited me to Baby Boot Camp a few weeks ago my obvious question was, “Am I allowed to attend?” I mean, my kids aren’t exactly babies any more. Turns out several of the moms have older kids and since the class is held in a park, they roam in a pack while we do hill repeats and Tabata sets. IMG_7678I love high intensity interval training (HIIT) but had never heard the word Tabata before so looked it up. This Self article defines it clearly and calls it “a fat-torching, sweat-pouring, hard-as-hell workout”.  It turns out a Tabata is a type of HIIT but is distinguished by shorter intervals with higher work to rest ratio than usual HIIT, resulting in a higher heart rate.

After the workout I felt energized despite the San Francisco gloom and my glutes were burning. I suspect this was a combined result of Baby Boot camp and Sunday morning’s YouTube BeFit Better Booty Camp Butt Workout. (great 10 minute blast at home!)

Today’s school drop-offs went relatively smoothly compared to last year’s first day when Eitan threw his shoe out the window into four lanes of traffic. I’m pleasantly sore everywhere and craving a swim but the washing machine has stopped draining so I’m waiting for the electrician.

the workout: Attend boot camp with a friend! Research shows that working out with friends is one of the best ways to keep you accountable, work harder and even burn extra calories.

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