My Favorite Things

  1.  Spending time with my husband!  We are making the most of our time together, eating meals in and out, going to the theater and symphony, seeing friends, flying kites on the beach (oh yeah, that’s a good kid activity too!), enjoying lazy weekends…
  2. Jane Austin’s prenatal yoga class at Yoga Tree Valencia.  I go at least once a week and always come out feeling better than when I went in.   I’m truly going to miss my Wednesday tradition of visiting the farmers market, going to yoga class then eating pizza at Arizmendi with friends!
  3. Prenatal water running class at the JCC.  I went to my first of these classes doubtful that I’d get a good workout, but somehow I always do.  Every teacher runs her class differently but most of the time, whether we spend the class running or biking across the pool or cross country skiing in place, my arms, legs and lungs are tired by the end.
  4. Walnuts (omega 3s, manganese, copper).  They’re my new favorite middle of the night snack.

    Along with a water glass, I always keep a small bowl of walnuts on my nightstand for when I wake up at 4 am, feeling like I haven’t eaten in a week.
    They are protein-rich and the crunch doesn’t always wake up my husband.  Other favorite snacks (I’m only admitting to the healthy ones!) that I never appreciated before are dried fruits and nuts.  Almonds (fiber, iron, calcium, protein, good for indigestion), dried peaches (vitamin A, iron, potassium), dried pineapples (vitamin C, potassium), & dried apricots (vitamin A, potassium), prunes (vitamin A, iron, regularity).  Keep in mind dried fruits are very high in sugar and maintain more nutritional value if they are dehydrated raw.  The next favorite addition is Straus Creamery Milk.  Can’t get enough of it- especially steamed with a little vanilla before bed.  And last but not least is the famous Pregnancy Tea, which I’ve been brewing for several weeks.  In leaf form, steeped for several hours it is most potent so I try and remember to brew it in the fridge overnight.  Pregnancy tea is said to support a healthy uterus throughout pregnancy and help various other discomforts, such as ease leg cramps and nausea and increase iron levels.

  5. Om Aroma Creme Eclat organic chardonnay body cream.  It’s as expensive as it sounds but worth every cent!  I tried a few oils specifically for pregnant belly stretch marks but they left my skin dry and irritated.  This all natural, luxurious body  cream is thick and wonderfully scented.  My body loves it and I am stretch-mark free!
  6. Nikken Jade Greenzymes is a product I’ve begun every morning with for years.  I hear that constipation is a big problem for pregnant women- luckily one that I haven’t experienced, thanks to my morning greens.  Barley grass (similar to wheat grass) is a concentrated source of nearly three dozen vitamins and minerals, particularly rich in vitamins A, C, B1, B2, folic acid, and B12; calcium; iron; potassium; and chlorophyll. Unlike most plants, barley grass provides all nine essential amino acids (those which your body can’t produce).  I’ve tried various green powders available at health food stores but haven’t found one that is ground finely enough to simply “dissolve” in a glass of water, which is why I send away for my Nikken greenzymes every couple of months.  Other favorite Nikken products are my magnetic, shaped pillow and magnetic sports bracelets that keep my hands in good shape while practice violin.  (Yes, I do sell all of these products!)
  7. SleepPhones allow me to comfortably listen to music lying on my side in bed.  My favorite tracks are Marie Mongan’s Hypnobirthing Rainbow Relxation and Eternal Om.  My husband and I have also put together a birthing CD of our favorite tracks of classical slow movements and another fun playlist of songs I can sing to Baby.
  8. TV on instant watch.  These are the shows that have accompanied my pregnancy:  Downton Abbey, Forsyte Saga (the new version), 24, 30 Rock, Weeds, Madmen and Desperate Housewives.  DH is my guilty pleasure when I spend 45 minutes soaking in the bathtub.  My husband was absolutely horrified when we were dating and he found out that I enjoy such a “trashy” show!  Sometimes the mind just needs to veg out, especially now that it’s going a mile a minute about baby, baby, baby.
  9. Unbuttoned: Women Open Up About the Pleasures, Pains, and Politics of Breastfeeding.  I’ve done very little reading about this whole pregnancy thing, but finally checked out a few books from the library on breastfeeding.   This one is a collection of stories from several female authors and I loved it so much I bought copies for my pregnant friends.
  10. Story time!  Baby loves story time also- at least maybe that’s what the little kicks mean.  The theme of my baby shower was Buggies and Books.  I wanted a running stroller and a storybook collection.  Each woman brought her favorite few books and now I spend a little time each afternoon reading to the baby in my belly.  My own mom read to each of us (or listened to us read as we got older) each night and it is a beautiful tradition I look forward to continuing with my own child.

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