baby boot camp

I finally got my act together and attended baby boot camp in golden gate park! It is so difficult for me to commit to anything in the mornings since Baby A doesn’t have a regular wake up time or regular nap time. But after two mornings of nap time fights I decided that being out in the sunshine would be better for both of us!
Now, two days later, I’m still sore and when I attempted to roll out my muscles on the foam roller last night, I was in pain! Speaking of pain… walking up steps with Baby A in the Ergo… ouch!!
Our hour flew by with a fast paced mix of running, running steps, wall sitting, ski jumps, push ups, dips, step ups and core work. Wow!
The best part (beside my awesome workout) was that I positioned Baby A’s stroller so he could see a few older babies and they “chatted” the entire time.
This may be my new favorite workout 🙂

bringing it home

I don’t think I’ve enjoyed an aerobics class since kickboxing at the Westside Y in NYC. That was the late 90’s. The class, taught by a hard core female boxer, was a serious workout. We’d often get to finish class with hands wrapped, gloves on, punching Thai boxing pads. I’ve tried a couple of classes since then when I needed a break from running, biking or swimming, but Zumba just doesn’t cut it. I’d rather go salsa dancing.
Jump to the present. We’re in Israel for a few weeks and I don’t have a running stroller and a tropical storm has raged for the past four days. Finally last night I reached my breaking point and decided I’d better find myself a workout video. I knew even 20 minutes would to me good, so while my husband put Baby A to bed, I searched YouTube and came up with Denise Austin: Ultimate Fat Burn Workout. I closed the office door, put on my running shoes and worked up a nice sweat. With only 20 minutes it was impossible to get bored and the volume was so low I couldn’t be annoyed by instructions or music. There were a few kickboxing moves mixed in with lunges, core and general jumping around. (I forgot that I was jumping around on solid concrete and my body feels compressed today.) I’m looking forward to trying another video. It’s time, I’ll warm up on my own first and put a yoga mat under-foot!

the workout: 20 minute fat burn workout followed by stretching & Pilates mat exercises