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I decided to bring in the new year with only a sip of champagne at midnight and a rest day today.  I felt fabulous (and big) in my sparkly black dress last night and enjoyed a walk in the sunshine with friends on Crissy Field this afternoon.  Nothing else to report!


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The start of fall opera season has not been conducive to working out and having extra energy.  Plus, when I have had the time to do something, I haven’t wanted to spend my free time writing about it!  I’ve made a commitment to practice yoga every other day, so on the mornings when I roll out of bed and onto my mat, that usually takes the place of an aerobic workout.  I also rediscovered the elliptical trainer last week and enjoyed 30 minutes of “running in the clouds” last Friday and yesterday.  The grey outdoors have been so very unappealing that I don’t even want to be outside, and I haven’t made it back downtown to the warm pool.  Rumor has it, the Presidio pool’s pump is fixed so maybe I check it out tomorrow.  I do love my gym workouts because of all the props available to me for my floor work and core exercises.  I always come out of there feeling stronger and energized.

My exercise faux-pas of the week was waking up early Sunday morning (after a late show) to bike to the farmers market (with my violin on my back) on the way to a long day of rehearsal and concert at Stern Grove.  If I’d gotten more sleep and hadn’t over-bought produce (as usual) I would have been fine, but by the time I left the market and began bumping along a bike lane in very bad repair, I knew I’d overdone it.  I carefully made my way to Stern Grove, happy that all of my bags were securely strapped to my bike, and was thrilled to find my cyclist friend waiting for me at the entrance.  She’d guessed that I would have no clue how to actually get to the stage from the bike route!  By mid morning, I was so tired I wanted to put my violin down and cry (which I did on lunch break as I called my husband).  He agreed to meet me and haul by bike and produce home after the concert.  I survived the freezing concert knowing I’d have a ride waiting at the end and a warm bath at home.  Bonus… dinner was made while I soaked in the tub.  How did I get so lucky?

I took Monday off from aerobic exercise and walked to the outer Richmond to meet a friend for coffee.  I had time to spare before my acupuncture appointment, so I wandered around the park for 1/2 hour first.  In my appointment a strange thing happened.  Every needle he put into my legs hurt!  I rarely feel a needle go in and almost never ask him to remove one, but I couldn’t stand it.  Most of them were in spots that had to do with digestion.  Hmmm…  I’ve been working with less dairy lately, which seems to be improving my skin and decreasing stomach pain.  I’m sure it’s all related.

Time to get moving with my day.  More whenever I get around to it….

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staying well

On Monday, by the time I boarded my second flight, I was beginning to feel ill again. My sinuses hurt and my body was achey. On Tuesday morning I took a long walk near our hotel to stretch my legs and clear my lungs, but I continued to feel worse. I was using a saline solution and zicam homeopathic spray to try and keep this latest virus at bay. On Tuesday night, after a long afternoon of rehearsing, I went to bed early and spent a few minutes breathing deeply. I focused on sinking into my new surroundings, feeling supported and giving myself the permission to be well. I slept ten hours then rolled out of bed to do my Yoga Journal “Morning Yoga” session. I felt pretty near normal again and hoped there would be time for a run later. There wasn’t but we took a gorgeous walk near the pier on lunch break. That was better than nothing. 
Last night I didn’t sleep well (maybe I slept too many hours the night before?) but I wanted to get up and go running. It was much colder out than I expected and after two minutes of walking I decided to begin jogging. My hands started tingling and I felt a strange numbness that seemed to be coming from inside my body, not the cold air. I jogged at an easy pace, shaking my arms, until I arrived at the park, then found an area where the Spanish moss hanging off big old trees protected me from the drizzle. I did a few stationary exercises then ran three quick loops around the park. My chest was still congested but I breathed more freely the longer I ran.  I did another set of the same exercises then jogged slowly back to the house. 
As I drink my morning tea and eat delicious Florida grapefruit, I feel well, and ready to tackle the day!

The workout: 30 min run + exercises
10 minute easy jog
push-ups, dips, static lunges, functional reaches
3 quick-paced loops around the park
2nd set exercises
10 minute easy jog home

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I’m finally listening to my body completely and taking the day to rest.  It is foggy and I always believe that the best activity for a foggy day is spending a few hours at Kabuki bath house.  So… off I go!

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easy does it

I thought I would be more sore today, based on how I was feeling last night but I decided to just ride around the city for my random appointments and call it a day in the exercise department.  I still managed to put 10 miles on my bike (and save 10 on my car in the process!) but it was at a very leisurely pace, with food and coffee breaks in the middle.   Now that’s my kind of workout!  An evening walk will conclude the day and I’ll be completely rested for a ride and some wine tasting in Napa tomorrow!

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I woke up this morning and took stock of how my body felt then decided to stay in bed longer.  My arms were exhausted and I knew a swim wouldn’t help.  There was no chance my legs wanted to run three days in a row.  And I was about to spend four hours in the car so I didn’t want to sit in a stuffy room on a spinning bike first.  I did my yoga then walked a few blocks to get some fresh air and find a bite to eat.

We drove to Boston, settled in then attempted to rehearse for an hour.  I took it really easy and tried to reserve energy for the concert tonight.   The concert at Harvard Music association was really fun and I’m completely exhausted.  More travel tomorrow!

Nikken wellness:

Greenzymes late at night to soothe my stomach after too much cheese, fruit & beer (the meal for the vegetarians among us after the concert)

kenkotherm wrist wraps to keep my hands in playing order all day

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Today was a busy day and my knee was ready for a rest.  My sisters both arrived and we began our March round of trio rehearsals.   It was pouring in the morning so I began my day with a few rounds of sun salutations, hoping to inspire some sunshine.  It didn’t work but I felt good after my morning yoga!   The rest of the day was a wash of  rehearsals and “sister time” on Clement, where I purchased The Woman’s Book of Yoga and Health at Green Apple Books.  The goal of the day was to rest my knee, stay hydrated and get enough sleep in preparations for Thursday’s photo shoot.

The workout:

Learn to enjoy exercise and how proper exercise is one of the most powerful lymphatic moving techniques!   Dr. John Douillard of LifeSpa in Colorado has posted a fascinating YouTube video.  Dr. Douillard has been teaching Ayurvedic medicine, natural health, fitness, and nutrition internationally for 22 years.

Nikken wellness:

My complete sleep system– mattress pad, comforter and pillow- allows my body faster recovery and deeper rest

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