questionable bike routes

I’d like to file a complaint with the Google maps app bike directions team. Or maybe with the folks who decide which city streets are decorated with cute bike decals labeling the most appropriate bike routes through the city. And while I’m at it, I propose a law prohibiting trucks with sickening exhaust from using these routes. Rant closed.

It was obviously my choice which route to take biking from the Presidio Y pool to the opera house. And it was also my choice to swim then do water running sprints before I chose which way to climb out of the Marina. I haven’t done a real workout in so long that I’ve forgotten what it feels like to have sore muscles.

My arms ached a few laps into my swim, both from being out of swim shape and from carrying a heavy toddler around. Luckily they felt better as I swam more so I pushed through 900 yds. Not far, but a good amount for me these days. Then I snapped on a water belt and did five minutes of water running, sprinting the final 20 seconds of each minute. When I hopped back onto my bike after being in the pool my legs were sludgy. The first few blocks left me wondering if I might not make it to work at all, then when I turned right toward my climb I actually started laughing. As if I’d make it up that hill! Those four hills. I switched to granny gear on the first block, stood on the second, turned onto the side street to catch my breath after the third, then congratulated myself for not walking my bike up the fourth. The rest of the ride was easy except for inhaling fumes from the truck I couldn’t lose. Not the best route ever but a great morning workout!


water sprints & a curious honu

I don’t feel very strong when I swim these days. I rarely get to the pool and when I do I’m usually in a hurry. This week I’m taking advantage of being near a warm ocean and enjoying swims at Ala Moana Beach Park.
Today, while Baby A & Grandpa splashed near the beach and snacked on sand, I swam slowly to the first buoy then flipped onto my back and stretched. It seemed too short to call a workout but I wasn’t motivated to reach the next buoy so I tried a little water running. Pumping my arms while moving my legs to simulate running while remaining vertical was difficult without a water belt and my heart rate shot up immediately. I kept it up for five minutes then flipped onto my back again. As I prepared to swim back to shore I noticed something bobbing a few feet from me. The head of a sea turtle! She disappeared as soon as I saw her then came up for one last glance before sinking back into the water.
I eventually arrived back at the beach and found my baby sitting in the sand, intently watching the big kids play nearby, stubbornly refusing to wear his hat. Grandpa stood over him, acting as shade.