Leaving Hawaii and coming back to the San Francisco fog was a difficult change, but at least I’ve kept my renewed interest in working out!  Every morning last week we swam, ran or paddled; sometimes more than one activity a day and I carried that into this week with gym workouts.

On Friday when we paddled, the water was the choppiest I’d seen from an outrigger canoe, and we might as well have swam fully clothed for how drenched we were getting out of the boats!  We stayed close to the shore because we were a crew of mostly inexperienced paddlers, but still the motion of the paddling and the joy of being on the water left me excited for more.  Unfortunately there wasn’t time the rest of the weekend because I was there to work, but there will definitely be a next time!

The next two mornings I swam and ran, completing workouts in time for teaching and rehearsing.  One of the swims was in such shallow water that with breast stroke, my knees grazed the sand and with freestyle I reverted to swimming with fists because there wasn’t room for my fingers to be fully extended.  This turned out to be great for not only keeping my fingers in-tact but saved my elbow from all strain, since there was less resistance against the water with a closed palm.  Running along the beach to swim in the ocean is the best activity ever- especially when it’s in the early morning and the temperature is just starting to rise.  Both Sunday and Monday began with run-swims, accompanied by rainbows and void of all elbow pain!  That’s what I call a successful workout 🙂

Once I returned home to the fog, I couldn’t bring myself to run outdoors, so yesterday and today’s workouts found me at the gym.  I ellipticized (is that a word?) for half hour yesterday and met RC for a treadmill run today.  I also started an upper body weight training regime using very light dumbbells while balancing on the bosu ball and am beginning to amp up my core work again.  So far so good…

slow and steady

Progress has been slow but steady in healing my hamstring.  I also haven’t had any energy to spare lately, so fewer workouts and lower intensity has been good for my overall well-being.  It is very unlikely I’ll attempt to run the entire marathon in a couple of weeks…. possibly a portion, but that is still TBD.   My brain speaks louder than my athletic desire as I review the facts:  1) I haven’t run more than 16 miles during this entire training period and I did that over a month ago.   2) Last night’s run lasted 20 minutes and I was vaguely sore afterward.  3) I’m too sensible and care too much about avoiding injury to just “try it” anyway

Enough about that- let’s focus on the good stuff  like last night’s workout:

5 min walk

4 X 4 min easy run on treadmill, RI: 1 min

5 min walk

core & roll-out

upper body strength with dumbells on stability ball, one leg off ground when possible, 2 sets 10X each:

shoulder press, lat raise,

chest press, pec fly

tricep, bicep curls