miles add up

Running never felt so good as it did yesterday afternoon. Funny how a few days off from something can keep it fresh and IMG_8603desirable. I was running solo so I took to the trails near my house and discovered a new three-miler that felt good on my knees, took me through small groves of Redwoods and over the top of a waterfall. Feeling nostalgic and missing my sisters, I ran by the white pillars that were part of a disastrous Albers Trio photo shoot. There was a blue heron perched atop, soaking up the sunshine. I could have kept running but knew better than to push myself too hard after a week off.

My week away from running wasn’t exactly because I didn’t want to run but because my foot was hurting again and I didn’t have much free time. I could have run on a couple of lunch breaks but I chose to spend them wandering lazily around Hayes Valley, enjoying the sunshine. My left foot is now hurting in a new place and my physical therapist said she hopes it’s not a stress fracture. Doesn’t sound like it from what she described but I’m paying close attention to what causes pain. Ironically, it doesn’t seem to be running, but unclipping the foot from my bike pedal is questionable. For a couple of days my foot was totally stuck to the pedal each time I tried to unclip for a red light so I had to get used to unclipping my right foot instead. This is no easy task- after doing left foot first for the past 13 years, getting used to the opposite side feels as awkward as when I attempt to play my violin right-handed. I did finally fix the problem but my foot still hurts and I’m still totally clumsy with the right foot.

On the bright side, now that I’m fully commuting by bike, I’m getting plenty of right foot unclipping practice and the miles are adding up. In the first two weeks of work I biked 67 miles, which means during opera season I’ll bike around 120 miles every month. Which is approximately 120 more miles per month than I was biking before opera season began. I remembered to turn on my Charity Miles app each day and rode for GirlUp, an organization striving toward a world where all girls, no matter where they live, have the opportunity to become educated, healthy, safe, counted and positioned to be the next generation of leaders.

Now I’m taking a rest day and while Baby A naps, I’m heading to Kabuki bath house for a soak with a friend!

doing his nights

My mother-in-law sent me the fantastic book Bringing up Bébé and I’ve been trying The Pause technique with much success. Last night Baby A “did his night” with almost eight hours straight and I slept only an hour less! After he ate breakfast we dozed side by side then I passed him to my husband and, as my boys exchanged morning grunts, I left the house for a run.
I love being out in the early morning sunshine and grinned ear to ear as I jogged toward a trail. I’ve discovered a few trails in the area by unfortunate accident when I’m pushing the stroller, then need to bump along to the nearest pavement. Today, however, I made it my goal to remain on trails as much as possible. Listening to Zach Brown conjured up happy memories of Albers Trio concerts and traveling in Texas with my sisters. I think that specific trip inspired my Lauratogo blog!
I decided to run off the clock for the sheer pleasure of exercising. Of course I’m so goal oriented I still need to know how long I’m doing what (25 min run, including 2 min walk break in the middle)! My left knee was complaining a little by the end but I suspect this has more to do with crouching down at weird angles to pick up miscellaneous items while balancing baby in one arm than running. I’ll keep an eye on it while exercising and be more mindful around the house too.
I feel like I’m slowly reintegrating elements of my former life into this new wonderful phase!

new running buddy

This morning we did our first run as the Albers Trio and Becca became my newest running buddy!  Our goal was simply to get up and run.  I like to be up at least 1/2 hour before I run so I can wake up and have a snack.   This morning’s fuel was, as usual, a packet of greenzymes, washed down with water.  They’re my favorite energy kick when I don’t have access to food in a hotel room or even at home when I want something nutritious before a short workout.

We woke at 8:45 to a grey morning with hints of sunshine.  Motivation to get out of bed and run was high, knowing both sisters were also dragging themselves out of bed to run.  The temperature was warm enough for shorts but not too warm to make it uncomfortable.

The workout (me playing “trainer” and calling out commands):

3-5 minutes warm-up walk

20 minutes easy jog with a few walk breaks

5 minutes warm-down walk


Core exercises happened a few hours later then again before bed, post after-concert dinner and glass of champagne.  Hmmm….