4 girls & a dog

I met a few girlfriends for drinks last night.   Aziza makes my favorite drinks in the city- they are fresh, creative and unusual.  Talk always turns to workout with my friends and by the end of the night we’d decided to meet for a run this morning.  KM brought her dog so we chased and waited for him, allowing much needed breaks at times.   Our run/hike took us on trails with some of the best views around and I enjoyed the distraction of gossip during the harder parts!  GC had to rush off to work but the rest of us enjoyed a leisurely coffee at Simple Pleasures Cafe.

I went home to eat lunch and rest a bit then picked RJ up  for another open water swim at Aquatic Park.  She is my always-enthusiastic workout buddy, no matter what madness I propose- which is exactly the type of person you want to be around when looking forward (dreading) a swim in the bay.  We waded in (without the usually instant scream of shock!) and forced ourselves to put heads under the water.   The first loop around went swimmingly (I couldn’t resist) but the second, we agreed afterward, was more difficult.  By that point my feet were numb and midway through the second loop, I started getting calf cramps.  My immediate thoughts were, “I need to pick up some more bananas after the swim.” and “what other foods are high in potassium?”.   So I looked it up when I got home and found this list.   Turns out I eat all kinds of food high in potassium, but now I can be more conscious of it.  I also checked out a old issue of Active.com and came across the article, 6 Common Worst Case Scenarios for Open Water Swimmers and How to Avoid Them. Not that I need more worrisome ideas in my head when I’m in that murky water, but now I know that next time I get a cramp in my calf, I should tread water and roll my ankle out.

Back to the swim… so we finished up and managed to remove our wetsuits.  I had a much more successful time removing my wet swimsuit without flashing everyone this time thanks to my brand new workout dress (yes I’ve been wearing it for two days straight now- but it’s going in the hamper tonight!).  RJ had numb hands, which makes it really difficult to do anything except stand there and freeze.  We cooked ourselves on the car ride back and by the end of my shower my feet were finally thawed.   Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

The workout:

1 hour run/hike, mostly trails, many sets of stairs

2/3 mile open water swim, practicing breathing pattern, concentrating on using legs to propel body forward

Nikken wellness:

Greenzymes before the run this morning

sports bracelet all day

body energizer during afternoon rest

pimag water throughout the day for better hydration and recovery

no time

I had the choice of sleeping a little extra or fitting in a quick workout this morning, so I slept.   I still woke at 7:30 and made a frittata so we’d have something tasty and nutritious to complement fruit and bagels and we began the photo shoot.   We had Melisa Hall of Elegance Makeup doing our hair and makeup and Rob Kunkle of GoodLux Photography setting up in my living.  Seven hours and four locations later, we were finished and exhausted from sun and wind.   We still had to rehearse, which we finished around 9 pm.  We did drinks at Aziza to wrap up the day.

The workout:

early morning sun salutations

drinks and funny stories with sisters (laughing is great for the abs!)

late night easy stretching in bed