backwards brick

Mom and I did a run-swim brick together today. My body was achey from lack of exercise but I felt feverish so I actually took my temperature. The thermometer told me it was okay, so we headed out in bathing suits with running shorts. We pounded the pavement through downtown Waikiki and back while Mom talked. I was still having coughing fits when I tried to run and talk. The swim at the end felt good for a few minutes then I had to stop due to coughing.
The workout:
30 minute steady pace run
12 min open water swim

The purpose of today’s workout was really just to get my blood pumping and free up some achey muscles. It did the trick but later on I was feeling extra fatigued and my entire lower back/upper hamstring region felt uncomfortable. I did a few gentle stretches and focused on staying well hydrated.

Nikken wellness:

wrist band and magnet– kept my left hand in playing order

back flex– my back was aching from so much deep coughing

classical inspiration

I finally slept well last night!  January Trio season is over and I had a night all to myself in a wonderful B & B.  I approached my workout at the Mapleton YMCA this morning feeling fresh and strong, and decided it would be a good day for a bike-swim brick.

I made use of my time on the exercise bike to do a little musical studying via YouTube on my iPhone. (don’t I sound like an advertisement!?)  Francescatti’s 2nd mvt of Mozart violin concert No. 4 is gorgeous!   My legs felt the work but not my lungs- a good sign that I’m used to being above sea level (and also, perhaps, that I’m not really working hard enough!).  I went directly into the pool and did my usual half mile, thinking about form and upper body strength.

The workout:

20 minute bike, level 2 “random hills”, 90-95 rpm, 6.6 miles

900 yd swim

-200 yd warm up, mixed strokes

-100 yd kicking drills

-300 yd swim

-4 x 25 yds sprints on 00:30

-200 yd cool down

16 minutes

core exercises


The Sheraton Denver West has a lap pool on the second floor!   This is the first time I’ve ever encountered a lap pool in a hotel.  They also have a complete fitness center, which, I’m guessing is open by membership to non-hotel guests.

I decided to get up early and take advantage of the facilities.  Not taking the altitude into account, I decided on a run-swim brick workout.  I downed a barley green packet with a few chugs of water as pre-workout energy .  When packing yesterday, I’d made sure I had a full 10 day supply of my favorite nutritional extra and left all the rest of my vitamins at home.  Not a practice I recommend or have ever before followed myself, but I’m taking such a cocktail right now that I was lazy and skipped it entirely.

The workout:

20 minutes easy jog on treadmill

10 minutes easy swim (swimming the first day at altitude is difficult!)

10 minutes stretching and core exercises

I topped it all off with the “high fiber” breakfast from the hotel restaurant.  Big mistake, as it was also very high sugar and left me feeling ill all day!