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I took a red-eye home last night and ended up sitting next to a really nice, interesting man- who kept his personal DVD player running most of the night.  I’d left my trusty sleep mask in my suitcase in the overhead and I was sitting by the window so luckily I had a hoodie to drape over my head and block the flashes of light. My back pillow kept me comfortable but my earphones ran out of batteries and I had too much pressure built up in my head to wear earplugs for any period of time.  Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep!  When I landed in L.A. I picked out an Odwalla Superfood, one of the few great offerings of most airports.  I was really craving a bacon and egg croissant but I wasn’t about to pay $10 for it and I didn’t want to do that to my stomach after my healthy days on the island.   I just looked up nutritional value of a croissant and it’s pretty horrifying!

I was lucky to have nap time today and passed out for three hours.  When I awoke, the sun was actually shining and I decided to get on my bike.   Yesterday’s Wildflower schedule was supposed to be a bike so I did it today instead.  I followed my ride with a snack, shower then yoga.  That’s three days in a row now and my flexibility coming back amazingly fast!  You can check out my sequence or create your own here.

The workout:

my new snazzy matching yellows
snazzy matching yellows

48 minutes- to the beach, back up to the top of the park, to the market, home with roasted chicken and big bottle of cranberry juice (not a brilliant idea!)

8.8 miles, average speed 10.9 mph

6 x 30 sprints, in and out of the seat

Nikken wellness:

wrist bands with magnets– my hands didn’t swell during the flight

magsteps– my feet were happy to slip into my crocs lined with magsteps once home

greenzymes– immediately after I walked in the door, my green powder came out

PiMag water