I turned today’s short run into a hill repeat workout. As I passed an older lady walking her dog on my first sprint up the hill, she yelled “show-off”! Um, not exactly my intention but sorta hilarious and why not… look at me, I’m not just running this hill once, but five times! Okay, enough of that. The hill was the length of a short city block and by the third repeat my legs were aching. After my fifth sprint (more slug than sprint-like) I took the sandy path back toward the grove. The soft surface was a delightful rest for my joints and worked the stabilizer muscles in my feet. At the end of the path I did several quick step repeats on and off the curb then ski jumps(and discovered this fantastic running blog while looking for a picture), sideways on and off the curb.
I jogged back to the concert stage slowly and am now shoveling in my lunch before changing for the Opera at Stern Grove. Highlight of the day (beside being called show-off)? It’s sunny!!


two for one

I’ve been posting my workouts at odd times and have both yesterday’s a today’s to post here!  I’m in my final days before I head to Colorado and get married.  I can honestly say I’m not feeling stressed about anything at the moment- just completely excited.  Fitting in a little something workout-wise each day has really helped keep my stress level in check this week.  So here’s what we’ve got:

Yesterday’s workout:

run, run, run…   I took off from my doorstep with the intention of running to the gym, jumping on a treadmill, then walking home.   Instead, I kept running.  The cool, fresh air felt so good!  I decided to do a hill repeat.  Actually, that’s an oxymoron since I didn’t actually repeat anything.  My crazy friend who no longer lives here actually used to do hill repeats on the 15th avenue entrance to the Presidio, but I’ve always only had one “repeat” in me when it comes to this particular hill.  Done in conjunction with respectable amounts of flat running, hill repeats will build strength, improve speed, and use muscle groups that are only mildly challenged on the flats.  When choosing a hill to climb, look for one that will take 60-90 seconds, depending on fitness level and comfortable pace.  Yesterday, I rewarded myself with a beautiful view of the ocean from the top of the Presidio, then ran home.

10 min warm-up on flat ground

5 min straight up hill, find a tune with a good beat and try to keep pace- I was listening to the same playlist I posted for my last indoor cycling workout and it hit the Alicia Keys tune just as I started climbing.   The pace was perfect to keep me moving.

2 min sprint to the view, 1 min walk to lower heart rate, 2 min sprint back to the hill

down the hill at an easy pace, trying to keep my footing light on the way down so I didn’t jar knees or back

easy run home, toe-heel walks to keep calves and shins in good shape

Today’s workout:

I finally gave myself a little more time at the pool and had a great swim!

1200 yds

200 yd warm-up, mixed stroke

100 yd kicking drills, 200 yd pull paying attention to form and varying breathing patterns, 100 yd kicking drills,

RI :30

400 yd swim, L6

RI :15

100 yd back stroke L4, practicing back flip turns *

100 yd mixed stroke cool down

*These are basically the same as regular flip turns, except the flipping over from back to stomach happens before the somersault.  You need to know how many strokes on your back between flag overhead and wall, then cut out one stroke and flip onto your stomach.  Somersault then push off underwater still on back for more back stroke.  Don’t try this for the first time in a lane with others… it takes a few tries to get the timing/stroke count correct!

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