watching the snow

I’m tucked cosily into the mountains again.  I love being up here and right outside my sliding door I can see the light snowflakes falling and the ski lift running.  I’m not on the lift today because I’m still not feeling up for it!  After a long day of rehearsing, flying and driving, all I could do last night was sit and breathe and try to regulate my heart rate.  Going from sea level to 9,000 feet is never easy but it’s much more difficult when I’m already sick, and my head was feeling the pressure!  After an uncomfortable night, I marched myself to the store and picked up sudafed this morning.  It was a last resort after breathing exercises, pressure point massaging of my forehead & face (done by my husband!), cordyceps (supposedly good for high altitude), water/emergen-c for hydration, a hot bath and tons of tea.  I also began my morning with Nikken jade greenzymes.  This amazing whole food barley green supplement comes in very convenient travel packs which I stash in all of my luggage, purses and violin case, so I’m never without a dose!  I am feeling much better at this point and my headache even subsided enough for a little yoga.

I opted for yesterday’s standing pose, grounding balance sequence.  My forward folds are becoming easier and I love standing poses when I’m stuffed up.  Occasionally I couldn’t hear the video over my husband’s sneezing, but the practice was well paced and offered nice modifications!   I was able to breath through my nose when my head was right-side up and I found both ski socks and ski boots to be perfect replacements for a belt and yoga block.  The best part of my morning practice was the view out my window.

This afternoon I will do more of my core exercises and go for a walk to try and regulate my body enough that I will enjoy skiing tomorrow!


I began my official Honolulu marathon training tonight.  At least, I’m calling my 25 minutes on the treadmill the beginning of my training because it sounds more fun that way!  I have yet to make up a schedule but I’ll get to that this weekend.  I’ve decided that I’m going to begin my first two weeks by running every other day so as not to shock my body too much, and see how that feels.  My goal tonight was to monitor my heart rate and see where I’m at physically after traveling and not running much.  We went to the gym before dinner and I set the pace to a steady 10 minute mile.  I had to re-train my feet which direction to face because my left heel kept making its way toward my right inner ankle and kicking it!  I fixed that fast so I wouldn’t be bruised, then relaxed into my run.

The Workout:

25 minutes on the treadmill, little to no incline, 10 min/mile pace

HRM top of zone three-bottom of zone 4,  I stopped when my HR began to climb and stayed in the middle of zone 4

total body roll-out (which I plan to do every day this week to get back in the habit!)

Nikken Wellness:


mushroom immunity

omega green for cardiovascular support