I awoke to another gorgeous Colorado morning and decided the day called for a hike.  We did the Mt. Sanitas loop, which is supposedly just over 3 miles but felt much longer!  Between the red mud, ice and loosing the trail a few times, the hike was an adventure and we were definitely in the minority hiking without a canine companion.  The trail is part fire road, part scramble and hours later, my hamstrings are still feeling the burn!

The workout:

Mt. Sanitas Loop 3.1 miles, elevation gain 1,300 ft

core exercises and stretching

alt. workouts:

find a moderately difficult 3 mile trail in your area



snowshoe or crosscountry ski if the snow allows

1.5 mile brisk “climb” on elliptical or escalator stair climber, 15 min low resistance high rpm on an exercise bike