windblown divas

As of today, we’ve appointed RC as our weather woman.  She informed us, mid- ride as the wind was beginning to pick up, that winds were supposed to be up to 40 mph by noon.  We asked her to let us know ahead of time from now on 🙂 As we rode back along the beach, it sure felt like the wind was already that strong!

Four of us went out to do an “easy” 15 mile loop this morning, wondering if we would get a good enough workout.  We flew on the way out, did our lake loop then hit one of the strongest headwinds I’ve ever encountered on our way back. AC and I took turns drafting off one another (mostly she pulled me all the way back) and RJ got a flat pretty close to home.  Successful ride in that it’s really fun to ride with a pack of Divas.   However, I can’t honestly say the ride itself was much fun!   I’m heading to the sunroom to check out the stress relief yoga sequence I just read about.   It’s posted on my yoga page.

The workout:

15 mile flat and windy or hills (could have been either, based on the low gear I was using!), try to keep upper body relaxed and shoulders away from ears, be aware of body posture to remain as aerodynamic as possible.

Check out my Team Diva page for information about our next ride!  Also, we will be putting in an order (and hopefully saving a little money) for Nuu-Muu exercise dresses soon.  Let me know size and pattern if you’d like to get in on it!

Nikken wellness:

greens for recovery

magstrides in my house crocs to warm up after the ride

team diva

We got a late start this morning because I was helping a friend change a tire but realized at the last minute she had the wrong size tubes (courtesy of the bike shop where she bought her new bike!).  We stopped by Sportsbasement on our way to the bridge and they fixed it up so we could get moving.  We modified our route to include part of Headlands and the roads on the back side.   The rest of the way up Headlands is closed for construction until mid-summer but it will be better riding after, as they are finally fixing potholes!    Our ride was shorter than we’d planned but the wind and minimal, constant, uphill grade from the back side of the beach to the bridge gave me a good workout.  I tried to use MapMyRide to display our route, but it’s not working, as usual!  At the end of the ride, one of us had to return to work and the other two of us stopped at the warming hut for a quick coffee.  We snapped a quick picture on the bridge before going our separate ways!

The workout:

15 miles, including long flat and climbing, 1:30 hr

stretching to avoid back pain later

The verdict on my new exercise dress from Nuu-Muu super cute and comfy!   worked well with bike pants underneath and layers on top, then converted into stylish city-ware for the rest of my day with skinny jeans and a black sweater. (shouldn’t I be a sales rep for them or something??)

Nikken wellness:

jade greenzyme as as i was rushing around this morning getting ready to go

magnetic sport bracelet for during and after ride- to keep my wrists in working order

another mile

My back told me to take a rest day yesterday, so I did.   I got in the pool this morning feeling well rested and pain free.  I decided to up the effort a little in today’s mile and take a “rest stroke” at the end of each 200 instead of 100 plus I was in the meter pool instead of the yard pool, so each lap was slightly longer.

I was definitely more tired by the end, as compared to the last swim, but I was also 5 minutes faster (a result of more free style and no pool-end conversations with my fiance).  I must admit that the highlight of my workout today was coming out of the pool and finding a booth of colorful exercise dresses set up in the lobby.  The female owned, Washington based company, Nuu-Muu, had set up shop and was fundraising for the Y while selling their adorable, durable workout attire.  I tried one on and promptly bought two (thinking of Bay to Breakers, hiking this summer in the Rockies, upcoming tropical vacations, etc).   I’ve always been a girly girl at heart but haven’t ventured into the realm of skirt wearing while working out, so we’ll see how that goes.

The workout:

1600 meter swim (1 mile)

175 m freestyle

25 m breast stroke or back stroke

mix up breathing techniques: 123 123 or 1234 123, 1234 123 (see dictionary page for explanation)

Tomorrow is our next Team Diva ride!  Meet at the GG bridge at 9:30 to join us…