in the zone

I almost didn’t run at all today because my body just didn’t feel right.  I debated going to the gym because it was pretty windy out but I decided to just take a long run/walk instead at Crissy Field.  I dropped my bike off at Sports Basement for a major overhaul and starting walking.  After I warmed up for a few minutes, I decided to run, promising myself I’d walk as soon as I switched directions and felt the headwind.  Once I switched directions I decided that running didn’t feel that bad and I’d run 10 minutes then check in.  At the 10 minute mark, I walked for a minute and took stock of groin and low back.  Groin hurt, ironically, only when I walked and low back was okay.  At around 15 minutes I started feeling a little twinge in the low back.  This is a new one and I wasn’t sure what would make it better or worse so I decided to keep going and see what happened.  It went away completely.  By 45 minutes I was really enjoying myself and it hit me that I was experiencing what runners sometimes describe as “the zone”.  Running suddenly felt easy, even into the wind.  My body moved in perfect coordination and breathing through my nose was gentle and rhythmic.  I checked my HRM after the run and found that I’d never even spiked into ZN5.  I was mostly in ZN4, aerobic zone, right where I wanted to be.

On my second lap of Crissy Field, a peregrine falcon swooped down and landed near the running path briefly before soaring back up to her nest in the rocks.  After that I saw a teenaged girl dressed in a pink princess ball gown posing on a rental bike with the Golden Gate bridge in the background.  Her family swarmed around her giving instructions, fixing her dress and taking pictures.  Midway through my second lap I decided to just run two complete lengths from the Crissy Field Center to Fort Point and quit thinking about time or distance.  I concluded with my toe/heel walks and some stretching before getting back in the car and continuing on with my errands.

The workout:

6.5 miles, run 10/walk 1 minute, 70 minutes, ave HR 80%, 582 calories


An evening with the girls, eating good food and learning about this month’s Dining For Women organization, Somaly Mam foundation.

team diva

We got a late start this morning because I was helping a friend change a tire but realized at the last minute she had the wrong size tubes (courtesy of the bike shop where she bought her new bike!).  We stopped by Sportsbasement on our way to the bridge and they fixed it up so we could get moving.  We modified our route to include part of Headlands and the roads on the back side.   The rest of the way up Headlands is closed for construction until mid-summer but it will be better riding after, as they are finally fixing potholes!    Our ride was shorter than we’d planned but the wind and minimal, constant, uphill grade from the back side of the beach to the bridge gave me a good workout.  I tried to use MapMyRide to display our route, but it’s not working, as usual!  At the end of the ride, one of us had to return to work and the other two of us stopped at the warming hut for a quick coffee.  We snapped a quick picture on the bridge before going our separate ways!

The workout:

15 miles, including long flat and climbing, 1:30 hr

stretching to avoid back pain later

The verdict on my new exercise dress from Nuu-Muu super cute and comfy!   worked well with bike pants underneath and layers on top, then converted into stylish city-ware for the rest of my day with skinny jeans and a black sweater. (shouldn’t I be a sales rep for them or something??)

Nikken wellness:

jade greenzyme as as i was rushing around this morning getting ready to go

magnetic sport bracelet for during and after ride- to keep my wrists in working order

triple brick

According to my Wildflower schedule, Mondays are supposed to be recovery days. Today I felt good and I knew that later in the week there would be less time for training, so I decided to go ahead and do something.  I left the house on my bike with clouds promising rain and returned from the pool, still on my bike, which shopping attached to the back, with clouds producing.  Now that I’m back home, the sun is trying to come out.  My triple brick was bike/shop (at Sportsbasement, of course)/swim.  I managed to get the speed limit sign flashing on my descent into the Presidio and push my bike through the mud on my way home, due to construction and lack of signs.  The swim in the middle was good, but the pool crowded because I was there during Masters.

The workout:

morning yoga

bike to and from pool and sportsbasement, average speed 9.5 mph, (max 34 mph), 8 miles

swim 1600 yds

100  warm up

6 x 25 swim, level 7

6 x 25 kick

600 swim, level 5

100 drills

300 swim, level 7

100 drills

100 warm down, mixed strokes

Nikken wellness:

greenzymes and pimag water to start the day

magsteps in my slippers for quicker recovery and warmer feet

kenkotherm knee and elbow wraps post workout


last year's WF crew

I have final figured out my training schedule and officially begun race preparation.   I am so far behind already that I’m going to have to be careful as I increase distances and times each day so I don’t overdo it.  February 1 came and went and I kept running out of time.  Last year when others were depending on me for this schedule I had it up and running with time to spare.  Oh well… I know how this race goes- and that I need to be serious from here on out if I’m going to complete it.

My big triumph of the day was doing my bike workout outdoors on my bike instead of on a gym bike.  With a small adjustment of the handlebars (and the steady healing of my back) I was able to comfortably ride for almost an hour!

The workout:

40 minute easy spin with hills, including 4 intervals of faster cadence (I did it by standing up and spinning faster up hills with low resistance)

I was slow, riding just over 7 miles, averaging 9.5 minute miles

My route was around the Presidio, with a stop at Sportsbasement.   The flowers were blooming and spring smelled amazing!