indoor spin

The day starts late when you don’t get out of  bed until 10am!   Quite strange for me to sleep that long but I guess I need it right now.  Of course a pre-breakfast workout was out of the question when beginning my day at that hour, so the bike ride was skipping in favor of a spin at the gym.  Generally I hate trading a ride for something indoors but it was cold and windy today so it didn’t bother me much.

I flipped through The Heart Rate Monitor Book for Cyclists to find a 30 minute workout (that’s all the time I had between tearing the house apart looking for wedding slideshow photos and driving north for a friend’s wedding).  The workout I came up with was specifically for a “recovery day” and working towards a healthier heart.  Everything was done in zone 3 or lower, which meant fat burning zone.  I am supposed to be able to gage how healthy my heart is by how quickly I can drop between zones after pushing my HR up.  I can increase way faster than I decrease but as I do more of these HR specific workouts, I’m finding it easier to stay within specific zones.  I had my iPhone shuffling on a world music playlist and I’ll post my tunes tomorrow.

30 minute Recovery Interval indoor spinning workout:

The point of this workout is to give the legs a rest while maintaining fitness and burning a few extra calories.  I maintained the same resistance on the wheel the entire time and increased or decreased intensity with speed.

0-3 minutes     warm up    HR zone 1

3-5 minutes     warm up to the bottom of zone 2

5-7 minutes      increase HR to middle of zone 2 (65 %)

7-27 minutes   increase HR to bottom of zone 3 for 2 minutes then drop back to steady bottom of zone 2 , repeat as many times as possible in 20 minutes

27-30 minutes  decrease HR to bottom of zone 1


This is the second workout I’ve done in a week with my heart rate monitor.  I’m starting to get in the groove again and I just refigured my max heart rate and zones.  I used the MachineHead Zone Calculator and determined that I would be working at 120-152 beats per minute.    The idea for this particular workout came from The Heart Rate Monitor Book for Cyclists and my playlist was a rather uninspired mix put together for me by Genius on itunes.  My left knee was bugging me a bit so I concentrated on keeping my knees in and chose to work on elevating my heart rate using cadence not resistance.

The workout:

Criss-cross between zone 2 & 3

1. Warmup  zone 1-2    5 min

2. raise cadence to reach top of zone 3 (152 bpm)  3 min

3. lower cadence to reach bottom of zone 2 (120 bmp) 3 min

repeat steps 2 & 3  3 times

4. bring heart rate back down to zone 1

This workout looks simple on paper but it’s really difficult for me to get my heart rate up and down so quickly!