family fun

It was another crazy week (seems to happen a lot this time of year!) and I didn’t have time to post anything.  Mom and one sister were out this past weekend for the US Half Marathon, among other things.

As early as Thursday morning I was feeling exhausted and drained because I wasn’t sleeping well, but did manage to get through the weekend and then slept almost 11 hours last night!

Thursday: morning run w/ sis

45 minute coastal run on another perfect, sunny day,  I felt horrible and my HR was up way too high for most of the run, was planning to do a second run (to happy hour) later in the day but had to bail because I was too tired after work and had a pounding headache

Friday: rest & yoga

I used my few afternoon free hours to rest at home and do some easy yoga,  I was able to continue to dinner and an evening show with more energy

Saturday: swim

I brought Mom and her friend to the pool with me and we spent 20 minutes swimming/sitting in the hot tub, 600 yd mixed strokes, first swim since my wrist began aching,  all good!

Sunday: 1/2 marathon

We arrived home from Modesto (where my sister performed a stunning Dvorak concerto with the orchestra) late Saturday night then slept 5 hours.  The pouring rain woke us before alarms went off and I started sending texts to various friends who were planning on running.  Out of 7, only 1 responded positively.  My sister was still enthusiastic because she’d been training specifically for this race so we called Mom’s hotel and her friend informed us that she was up and ready to go.  There was no bailing for me!  We dropped by the hotel, found a parking garage in Fisherman’s wharf and arrived at the start line just as the race began.  There was a surprising turnout for the weather and many of us wore rain ponchos or garbage bags for much of the race.  Our feet were soaked early on from running through puddles and shoes were filthy by the end from red mud near the GG bridge.  The three of us ran the race from start to finish together, encouraging one another and chatting.   That’s the way to run!   After we crossed the finish line, we made a b-line for the hotel and hot showers.  Brunch followed at the Plant Cafe.  Yum!


I woke up way too early this morning, as a result of sharing a hotel room with my sisters who had 5 am departures for the airport.   Somehow I couldn’t manage to get back to sleep and then my flight was delayed.   I made it home eventually and practiced all afternoon.  That left my swim for the evening.   The pool was absurdly crowded and somewhat of a free-for-all so when I couldn’t sit in the hot tub any longer, I chose the least crowded lane and jumped in.   Unfortunately that lane was the fast lane.  I seem to have the confidence to jump in the fast lane but neither the stamina nor the speed to keep up!  No such thing as a warm up or cool down tonight, just flat out sprint.  By the end I was exhausted and  looking forward to dinner at The Plant, one of my favorite fast, healthy restaurants.   I go there specifically for the most amazing veggie burger I’ve ever eaten and now also their on-tap Kombucha with fresh juice!

The workout:

900 yd sprint, breaks to let people pass me, mixed strokes

Nikken Wellness:

greenzymes to get me moving in the morning

magsteps to warm me up and keep me energized while practicing