Core work

plank pose- use abdominal muscles to maintain a neutral spine
side plank position- extend bottom arm to balance on hand for a more advanced balance pose or place top foot in front of other shin, flat on floor to offer more stability
extended plank pose- step one
step 2- bring knee toward nose, keeping shoulders down, tummy tucked and back neutral
knee tuck part 1- begin in push-up position with ball under shins, use abs to insure back does not sag
knee tuck part 2- pull ball toward chest, rolling ball under lower legs, then return to start- keep tummy in and don't let back sag on the roll back to starting position
"J" knee tuck- pull knees to chest while at the same time twisting the lower body to one side
quadruped birddog- on hands and knees, contract deep abdominal muscles, maintain flat back, extend opposite arm and  leg                                                                          quadruped birddog part 2- bring knee in to touch opposite hand or elbow, return to start and switch sides
quadriped birddog intermediate/advanced- use balance disc under one knee or under both knee and hand
abdominal crunch- begin with back flat on floor and hands on thighs, slowly moves hands up legs towards knees, keeping chin tucked to protect neck
bridge pose set-up
bridge pose step 2-  contract abdominals and use glutes to lift
single leg bridge
supine bridge step 1- with feet on top of ball, press heels into ball and squeeze glutes to raise pelvis
step 2- maintaining core stability, raise one leg
alternate- maintaining bridge pose, perform hamstring curls by pulling ball toward butt, keep abs firm to prevent back from sagging
abdominal hold
abdominal hold step two- bring alternating toes to touch ground while maintaining a neutral spine and contracting abs
dead bug start position
dead bug step two- extend opposite arm and leg, using core muscles to balance

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