I have always been an expert at multitasking but now that I am a parent my talent really shines. For instance, right now I am dictating this blog entry to Siri while I run home from the gym pushing Baby A in the Bob. I decided to do it this way since I never get around to writing anymore. Baby A woke up really early this morning and luckily his dad got up to play with him so I could sleep longer. By the time I woke up he needed a nap so he napped while I ate breakfast and got ready for a workout. Perfect!
I didn’t want to run again because we ran yesterday but decided a short run to the gym for a bike ride would be fine. Once there, I situated Baby A with the nice ladies at childcare and found myself a spinning bike. My entertainment was an Israeli radio station with really bad American pop. I listened intently, hoping for commercials in Hebrew but alas, this particular pop station doesn’t play commercials every 10 minutes like the American ones do. I heard two at the very end of my workout!
After half an hour on the bike I wandered over to the stretching area which was completely full. I found a massive exercise ball and decided to be creative. I held a plank for several seconds with my arms on the ball, I sat on the ball with one leg firmly put planted on the ground and the other doing leg lifts to the front, then I balanced on all fours on top of the ball. Then finally, I laid back on the ball releasing my arms and neck to stretch all of the muscles that are so used to pulling forward while I carry Baby A.
Now we’re back outside in the gorgeous sunny day and I have just arrived home!

The workout: 1.6 mile run split with
30 minute spin: five-minute easy, 10 minutes increasing speed each minute, 10 minutes increasing weight on the wheel every 2:30 minutes, five minute cooldown