This is the second workout I’ve done in a week with my heart rate monitor.  I’m starting to get in the groove again and I just refigured my max heart rate and zones.  I used the MachineHead Zone Calculator and determined that I would be working at 120-152 beats per minute.    The idea for this particular workout came from The Heart Rate Monitor Book for Cyclists and my playlist was a rather uninspired mix put together for me by Genius on itunes.  My left knee was bugging me a bit so I concentrated on keeping my knees in and chose to work on elevating my heart rate using cadence not resistance.

The workout:

Criss-cross between zone 2 & 3

1. Warmup  zone 1-2    5 min

2. raise cadence to reach top of zone 3 (152 bpm)  3 min

3. lower cadence to reach bottom of zone 2 (120 bmp) 3 min

repeat steps 2 & 3  3 times

4. bring heart rate back down to zone 1

This workout looks simple on paper but it’s really difficult for me to get my heart rate up and down so quickly!