9 minute total body

So I sound like an advertisement, but it’s true… I did a 9 minute total body workout today.  I’m not kidding myself into thinking this would maintain or advance my fitness level if done on a regular basis, but some days there just isn’t much time!  Today I had to prioritize my morning free hours and taxes needed to be completed, so they were.  (Yay… done for another year)   Then I realized I didn’t really have enough time to both get to the pool in the Presidio and practice before I picked my friend up from the airport.  So I revised my plan to practice first then make use of my all-city YMCA membership and visit another pool on the way to the airport.   As it turned out, my practice still got cut short after I realized I had forgotten to bring in an important tax document, but I did get out of the house about at the time planned.  However, by the time I actually got to the Y and in the water, there wasn’t much time.  Enter- 9 minute total body workout.  I hopped in the pool and swam laps.  It was a meter pool and I had about 10 minutes until I needed to be out of the water and heading to the airport.

The workout:

400 meters = 1/4 mile

easy-fast-easy swim with no break

9 minutes!