Boulder Creek

I missed another day of training today… spent most of the day driving and in meetings, eating way too much and enjoying the Colorado sunshine. I thought I’d write about the run I would have like to take had I been feeling motivated to run.

Boulder Creek path was one of my favorite rollerblading trails growing up and as an adult I have run or walked it a few times. Last year I did so in the snow on a crisp, icy and beautiful morning. The pavement ends partway up the canyon and the trail continues for a ways. I recommend beginning at the library where you can finish with a snack from Wild Oats across the street and, in the summertime, soak your feet in the creek.

The workout:
4-6 mile run
•1 mile easy jog warm up
•1-2 miles steady but mild incline
•1-2 miles back down
•1 mile easy jog cool down