power lunch

I had a fantastic morning…   met RC for a run at Crissy Field, found all kinds of delicious, organic produce at the Civic Center Farmers Market, then made myself a power lunch with freshly juiced fruits and veggies and a mixed bean/brown rice burrito.  My lunch kept me going through afternoon practice and I’ve noticed how energetic I feel since I’ve been juicing with my new juicer!

After posting yesterday’s swim workout, there was a question about swim drills.  I have added a page with a link to a Team in Training video and will continue to work on this page.

We had a gorgeous and windy morning for a run.  Crissy Field is always windy so we headed in the direction of the wind first.   We made it from the beach to underneath the bridge then decided to make our way up the many steps and steep trail to the bridge.  We actually ran most of it at an easy pace and were still able to chat on the way back.  In the end, we both felt like our legs had gotten a great workout but we weren’t winded.  This sort of run- with a friend and not too hard- is the sort that leaves me looking forward to the next one.   And right now, that’s my entire goal in the wonderful world of exercise!

The workout:

45 min run, flat plus one steep climb and/or steps

Find a running buddy and get out there!

Nikken wellness:

Greenzymes for pre-run energy

magnetic insoles for quicker recovery

veggie omega + DHA for cardiovascular support and heart health Your source for fish-free omegas.  Kosher certified!

triple brick

According to my Wildflower schedule, Mondays are supposed to be recovery days. Today I felt good and I knew that later in the week there would be less time for training, so I decided to go ahead and do something.  I left the house on my bike with clouds promising rain and returned from the pool, still on my bike, which shopping attached to the back, with clouds producing.  Now that I’m back home, the sun is trying to come out.  My triple brick was bike/shop (at Sportsbasement, of course)/swim.  I managed to get the speed limit sign flashing on my descent into the Presidio and push my bike through the mud on my way home, due to construction and lack of signs.  The swim in the middle was good, but the pool crowded because I was there during Masters.

The workout:

morning yoga

bike to and from pool and sportsbasement, average speed 9.5 mph, (max 34 mph), 8 miles

swim 1600 yds

100  warm up

6 x 25 swim, level 7

6 x 25 kick

600 swim, level 5

100 drills

300 swim, level 7

100 drills

100 warm down, mixed strokes

Nikken wellness:

greenzymes and pimag water to start the day

magsteps in my slippers for quicker recovery and warmer feet

kenkotherm knee and elbow wraps post workout

packing list

It is 8 am and I’m somewhere between Santa Fe and Denver. Today will be a rest day for me because I am feeling exhausted and my back is aching. One of the most important aspects of training is listening when my body tells me to stop!
Since there will be no workout logged today, I’m making a list (another favorite traveling pastime)
Running shoes – They are almost always on my feet because they take up the most space if packed.
Water bottle (Earthlust, 13oz) – I like to have water with me at all times and hate buying bottled water. I generally end up gulping whatever is in the bottle before security, then refilling it before boarding. Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to maintain good health on dry airplanes.
Barley green (Nikken jade greenzymes travel packs) and Tea bags (jasmine green tea) – The health benefits to both are numerous. I’ve recently added a travel mug to my tea stash so I don’t have to use to-go cups anymore.
Inflatable travel pillow – I stash Earplugs and a tea bag in the case for each flight. Noise cancelling headphones and an eye mask are essential for red-eyes.
Sunglasses, Running hat (or stocking cap), Sunscreen – Even on cloudy days, the rays can damage skin. My polarized shades are necessary to reduce strain so I can focus on all those little black notes come rehearsal time.
YMCA membership card and Combination lock – I love my gym membership and frequently use the “away” privledges.
Workout clothes (and swimsuit) – I pack layerable items of thin, wicking fabric, which are not only small to pack but dry quickly after hand washing. I try to get a sense of the workout conditions before arriving somewhere… outdoor temp, hotel gym facilities or neighborhood, nearby YMCA, etc.
Watch or Armband for iPhone – Sometimes I travel with my heartrate monitor strap but often just the watch. The other option is bringing along my phone for music and GPS. One cool free app I’ve found is MapMyRun. It’s tends to work best in less crowded areas and will show distance, speed and route.

This seems like way more than necessary and I don’t consider it “traveling light”. That said, I packed for 10 days with temperatures from 30-70 degrees. It all fit with my music stand, performance gowns and regular clothes in my carry-on suitcase!


The Sheraton Denver West has a lap pool on the second floor!   This is the first time I’ve ever encountered a lap pool in a hotel.  They also have a complete fitness center, which, I’m guessing is open by membership to non-hotel guests.

I decided to get up early and take advantage of the facilities.  Not taking the altitude into account, I decided on a run-swim brick workout.  I downed a barley green packet with a few chugs of water as pre-workout energy .  When packing yesterday, I’d made sure I had a full 10 day supply of my favorite nutritional extra and left all the rest of my vitamins at home.  Not a practice I recommend or have ever before followed myself, but I’m taking such a cocktail right now that I was lazy and skipped it entirely.

The workout:

20 minutes easy jog on treadmill

10 minutes easy swim (swimming the first day at altitude is difficult!)

10 minutes stretching and core exercises

I topped it all off with the “high fiber” breakfast from the hotel restaurant.  Big mistake, as it was also very high sugar and left me feeling ill all day!