Behind the Scenes

This blog is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle while on the go, whether I am traveling or just finding training time during a busy day at home.  It is a direct result of going running with my sisters while on tour as the Albers Trio.  In the middle of our second run together, as I called out instructions, they started discussing how they’d like to take me with them wherever they go.  This morphed into a Facebook conversation with a former roommate about packing me into their carry-on suitcases… and finally into Laura’s Training On the Go.


When I first moved to San Francisco, I found myself with an excessive amount of free time during the Opera’s off-season.  I decided to get involved with the wonderful organization Team in Training and complete my first triathlon.  After just one TNT season I was completely hooked on triathlon and racing.  I loved the friends I made through the sport, the exhaustion and satisfaction I felt after a good workout, the quantity of food I could enjoy, and the adrenaline rushes at the start and finish lines.  In the years since my first Wildflower Olympic triathlon, I’ve completed several different distance triathlons, including the Vineman Ironman and a couple of Honolulu marathons. I’ve raced in places as far away as Tel Aviv and ridden my bike through the countryside of Japan.  For me, the best way to explore a new place and observe humanity is by taking a run or hopping on a bike!


Throughout my training and racing I strive to be a cheerleader for those around me; those whom I’ve either inspired to try something new or simply dragged along in my own process.  I love sharing training schedules I’ve put much thought into and helping others succeed with their own goals.  Because I am a musician and the lifestyle leans toward sedentary, it is always my goal to interest fellow musicians in a more active lifestyle.  I firmly believe that sitting behind a music stand or a desk all day must be balanced by some type of physical activity, not only for general health but also for injury prevention and emotional well being.

In 2012, life drastically changed after the birth of my first son.  Gone were my months of off-season free time and suddenly Aviv was my constant (cute!) accessory.  We walked hours every day, then we ran.  The BOB running stroller became my best friend and Aviv loved running with me through Golden Gate Park.  I ran my fastest 5K race to date pushing a two year old Aviv.  Some days workouts took a back burner to family and work but, for the most part, I managed to juggle everything fairly well.



After the birth of my second son, most of my daily exercise was in the form of pushing/pulling/carrying/dragging two children from place to place.  I gave my body longer to heal after giving birth and slowly, slowly got back into swimming and riding.  I celebrated Eitan’s 6 week birthday by checking him into the gym daycare for half hour and sitting on a spin bike.  While my concept of a bike workout has evolved (or devolved?) from a 40 mile Paradise Loop to a 15 mile Headlands loop to a 7 mile round-trip commute to work, I try to roll with the punches.  Some days I really want to sweat but need to attend to a million other things first.  Other times I’m simply too tired and unmotivated to do anything but walk a bit.  If taking a nap or baking cookies with my boys is really what I feel will do me best, I do it!  Right now my priority is remaining healthy and happy so I can be the best Mommy possibly for my kids.

My life has never been fuller than it is at this moment and I am excited by the challenge of combining my ever-evolving mommy responsibilities with work, travel and training.  My goal is to lead by example and I hope that my enthusiasm and energy are contagious!

6 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes


    LAURA!!!! I’m on the couch with LP and Sandy and I’m bragging to them about your awesome website 🙂 Can’ wait to be back in SF for the 1/2 marathon…

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