water sprints & a curious honu

I don’t feel very strong when I swim these days. I rarely get to the pool and when I do I’m usually in a hurry. This week I’m taking advantage of being near a warm ocean and enjoying swims at Ala Moana Beach Park.
Today, while Baby A & Grandpa splashed near the beach and snacked on sand, I swam slowly to the first buoy then flipped onto my back and stretched. It seemed too short to call a workout but I wasn’t motivated to reach the next buoy so I tried a little water running. Pumping my arms while moving my legs to simulate running while remaining vertical was difficult without a water belt and my heart rate shot up immediately. I kept it up for five minutes then flipped onto my back again. As I prepared to swim back to shore I noticed something bobbing a few feet from me. The head of a sea turtle! She disappeared as soon as I saw her then came up for one last glance before sinking back into the water.
I eventually arrived back at the beach and found my baby sitting in the sand, intently watching the big kids play nearby, stubbornly refusing to wear his hat. Grandpa stood over him, acting as shade.

running wherever we go

Yesterday’s sixteen hour travel day took us from one fabulous vacation spot to another. Beside the travel taking twice as long as it should have between Wyoming and Hawaii and Baby A’s readiness to wake up at 4:20 this morning, I can’t complain.


What did I do pre-dawn with an energetic baby? The same thing I always do when my husband isn't around to take morning duty: I went running. We didn't even have a running stroller but the lightweight pop-up my mom keeps at her house worked in a pinch.
At 5am, the air was already heavy and warm, and Ala Moana park was full of hardcore locals and sleepy tourists. Three miles felt fairly easy after training at 6,000 feet the past two weeks and I had the energy for a short swim later in the morning.

Our week of pure vacation has just begun but even though I was working in the Tetons for two weeks before this, I found plenty of time for running and hiking. I even did a tandem paraglide Saturday morning! We ran off the side of the mountain and flew down to where my husband and Baby A were eagerly waiting my arrival, snapping pictures and munching on grass. What fun!

August 4th marks the official start to my half marathon training. In the mean time, I'm keeping my weekly mileage up and taking my physical therapy seriously to prevent imbalances which could lead to injury!

the workouts: 3-5 mile runs, totaling 15+ miles/ week