Brick workout:  doing one workout immediately after the next

1800 yds/ 1600 meters = 1 mile = 72 laps (each direction counting as one lap)

breathing techniques: 123 123 or 1234 1234 or 1234 123, 1234 123 – literally breathing every third or fourth stroke, according to the boldfaced print

L1, L2, L7, etc- level of exertion when swimming on a scale of 1(easiest)-10(hardest)

RI: rest interval between laps, recorded in seconds

mixed strokes: for me include freestyle (crawl stroke), back stroke and breast stroke

just the word “swim”: only freestyle

4 x 25 yds on 00:30 : 4 laps, completing each lap and resting within a 30 second period

RPM- rotations per minute on the bike

Heart rate training zones ( Click on this link to read more about HR training)

z1- 50%-60% bpm,

z2- 60%-70% bpm

z3- 70%-80% bpm

z4- 80%-90% bpm

z5- 90%-100% bpm

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