My husband and I began another morning with a run around Magic Island and through Ala Moana Park, then attempted to swim but quickly decided playing in the water was more fun than swimming!

During the run I focused again on landing on the ball of my foot and I didn’t have a single thought about an injured hamstring.  We ran at a good clip for about 25 minutes.  Guess I’m healed- now I just need to be careful not to overdo it!

I’ve decided that there is no better way to conclude a run than to jump in the ocean.  It is an immediate way to soothe sore muscles and ice down all body parts to decrease possible swelling.   Floating relaxes me and swimming stretches everything out.  Ahhh….

another day in paradise

I called the house this morning to see what Mom and the sisters were up to.   I caught them just as they were heading out to run and swim so they came and met me near the hotel.  We did a short run around Magic Island and Ala Moana park then swam at Ala Moana Beach Park.  I spotted a honu and my sisters think they saw a monk seal!  What a perfect way to begin another day in Paradise!

the workout:

20 min run, focusing on staying light on my feet and letting the balls of my feet lead

20 min swim, mixed strokes

winter solstice

This morning’s paddle was dark, dark, dark!  We actually had to return to the canal before heading into the ocean because it was too dark to go any further.  It is the shortest day of the year and the sky was cloudy, but still it seemed strange that the lighting should be so different from usual!  It felt a little creepy to me as we headed into the darkness, out to sea and the swells seemed to be coming from deep in the ocean as we rocked back and forth.  The canoe was full, with seven of us, so the steersman had to sit on the edge of the boat instead of on a seat.  I’m glad I was not that person!

I had my first opportunity to practice the Vibrational ABC’s and I deliberately passed on it, then went on to gossip about the person to my sister and mom after we finished.  The woman sitting behind me was unpleasant and began saying nasty things midway through.  She had already told me I was off (uncoordinated with the other paddlers), which I’m reasonably sure I wasn’t, so when she started badmouthing people, I talked back instead of keeping my mouth shut and putting my Weekly Wellness Challenge to work.  I even reverted to junior high behavior, trying to deliberately splash her on my stroke recovery (soaking myself with canal water instead- gross!) and letting branches flap back in her face instead of holding them as the person in front had done for me.  Hmmm….  I guess my ABC’s need some work!

Later in the morning, my sister and I needed to do more b-day party research but realized after we’d made an appointment that we neither had two bikes to get there nor did I have running shoes, so we pulled out the old fold-up bike which had begun rusting into its folded position.  After much aggravation and some WD-40 we managed to restore the handlebar stem to an upright position and clicked everything into place.  The ride was hot and we breathed in dirty air every time a tour bus puffed past.  All unpleasantness aside, I still enjoy biking around here!

This afternoon we went to the beach right after I ate too much for lunch, so instead of swimming with the others, I sprawled out under the umbrella for a while then joined them in treading water for a few minutes.  Ahhh…

too busy to blog

It seems that I’ve been too busy vacationing to write lately!

Four mornings a week we paddle before sunrise and since the first day, my arms and back haven’t been sore.  I’ve been Caller (I like “hut” person better!) each day, sitting in the second position of the canoe.  On Saturday we went out at 6:30 so it started getting light before we made it to the ocean.  We paddled across Waikiki then sat to watch the sun coming up over Diamondhead.  As we turned back somebody spotted a pod of dolphins! They were beautiful and playful, and didn’t mind as we paddled right through the middle of them.  After a few minutes, they continued on their way and we on ours.  Shortly after, two honu (sea turtles) bobbed nearby.  Upon closer inspection, we determined that one of the heads was actually a coconut and not connected to a turtle!  Sunday morning we awoke to a torrential downpour.  Seven of us turned up at the canoe sight just in case the rain lightened up.  Unfortunately it didn’t stop all day, but I spent the day inside baking cookies and pies with Mom!

Until Friday, the warm weather has inspired daily ocean swims.  On Wednesday, I went out in the late afternoon and was making my way through the water when I nearly ran into a honu.  Startled, we both came up for air, then she was gone.  I guess I was further from shore than I realized!

My other adventures have involved biking around carrying awkward objects as we get ready for Mom’s birthday party.   I’ve  discovered the bike routes through surrounding neighborhoods.  Most of the time they include dodging around people on the sidewalks (where it’s illegal to ride) or hoping the cars coming by move to the other lane (since there are very few bike lanes).  For a state that founded the Ironman, I’m shocked they don’t have a better bike system here!  I also managed to completely lose my bike in the Ala Moana center garage even though I’d purposefully looked around and determined exactly where the bike rack was located before walking off.  Someday my sense of direction will improve!

This morning it was still drizzling so I decided to check out the YMCA across the street.  It’s pretty old-school but has everything I need and I enjoyed working out at a gym again.

the workout:

30 min treadmill,  5 min warm up, 10 X 2:00 run/:30 walk, gradually increasing speed from 11 min mile to 10 min mile throughout workout, 2.7 miles

core exercises & upper body weights using fitness ball, roll-out

450 yd swim in the outdoor pool, mixed strokes, practiced smooth flip turns

hamstring pulled a little after workout when walking but better later!

a calm(?) morning

When I wandered into the bathroom to brush my teeth at 5:30 this morning, it took me a few seconds to realized I was pouring liquid makeup remover over my toothbrush instead of my powdered toothpaste.  The containers are both blue and white, but look nothing alike and are completely different sizes.  This is what happens to me when I wake up too early!

This morning my alarm went off so I’d be ready to walk out the door at 5:50 and join Mom for paddling.  We walked to the Ala Wai canal and met three others in her outrigger canoe club.  This canal is so filthy I’ve been told not to paddle if I have an open cut anywhere it could get wet.

Without further ado we pushed the 6-man, 400 lb outrigger canoe into the water (I mostly stood aside and looked useless), hopped in and began paddling.  I was the “hut” person this morning.  I’m sure there’s a more technical term for it but my job was to yell “hut” every 14 strokes so everyone switched paddling sides at the same time.  I found that I couldn’t talk and count but nobody minded much if I wasn’t exact.

We made it out to the very calm ocean and could see all the way to the bottom!  One of the paddlers referred to it as Lake Waikiki…  apparently the water is rarely this calm.  I took a few rest breaks as my arms and back ached and my mom instructed me on proper technique.  By the end of the paddle I was feeling pretty good and marveled that the sun hadn’t yet risen!

After a quick stop at home to change into swimsuits and pick up goggles, we walked to the beach for our morning swim.  Mom was taking it easy after the marathon and doing only one loop.  I had no excuse other than I felt like one loop was plenty (plus I managed to get seasick swimming in the very calm ocean).

What a way to start the day!

the workout:

4 mile paddle

1/4 mile swim

biking the honolulu marathon

I was, for the second year in a row, part of Mom’s cheering squad for the Honolulu marathon.  I felt twinges of envy at various times during the race and at the expo yesterday but for the most part, as I coasted downhill effortlessly on my bike while watching the runners take step after step, I was happy to be flying by them.  Mom was faster than I thought (she cut 1/2 hour from her time compared to last year!) and I missed her in half the places I meant to meet her for support.  I biked from along the beach front parks, over Diamond Head and straight through Kapiolani park, stopping to cheer for Mom, run with her and offer snacks whenever possible.  Each time I got back on my bike after a short run, my legs felt sore!  Time to get back into more serious activity.  Shouldn’t be too hard around here!

keep moving

Yay… a workout!  And time to write about it!  The past week has been crazy as work season wraps up and holiday parties begin.  Last Thursday I did a 20 minute run, which I really enjoyed, but shouldn’t have done because my hamstring was hurting.  I know that I should stop as soon as something doesn’t feel right but I just assumed it was from the work done in PT the day before.  Wrong.  Simply not the right thing for the hamstring at that moment.  It hurt for  a few days and on Saturday I tried both elliptical and stationary bike but both felt uncomfortable.  Today I realized that I hadn’t noticed anything for a couple of days and when I ran to get food on my lunch break, things felt fine.  When I got home from work, I was exhausted but had nervous energy to burn so I just spent an hour at the gym.  Now I feel great and am ready for dinner!

The workout: 25 min treadmill intervals, heart rate up slightly but not working too hard

5 min warmup

1:30 run/ :30 walk  X 10

2 min cool down

core exercises:

1 set of each upper body dumbbell exercise on ball- shoulder press, pec fly, chest press, chest fly, tricep, bicep hammer

stationary lunges, ball roll/J roll, superman, birddog on disc, foam roller balance- arms out- legs moving on at a time from 90 degrees to floor