Being a spectator has always been difficult for me but when I woke up at 5:30 this morning and heard the marathon crowds outside I decided to go support the runners. This is the third year in a row that I’ve signed up for the Honolulu marathon and not run it (at least it’s pregnancy not injury keeping me from it this time!) I love this race- it was my first marathon ever (signed up so that I would have run a marathon before the ironman) and then ran it again with my sister the next year. I fully intend to sign up again when early registration opens with the kama’aina rate in January. Who knows what this year will bring or if a marathon 9 months after Baby is born will be realistic for me!
As I stood out there this morning I saw runners of all variety- the woman in a green tutu, the guy in a pink running skirt, the smiling packs of Japanese girls, the old man hollering at the crowd as he loped by, head-phoned and on a mission, bedraggled and already walking… The guy next to me was being annoying and yelling frequently “only a few more miles to go!” A few, in this case, being around 25.
I’m now sitting in the window of a coffee shop watching the stragglers walk by as I wait for the morning yoga class. Figured I’d check it out since we won’t be doing brunch for another couple hours.
The past days have seen me swimming, paddling and walking. I’ve walked several miles (mostly to eat), swam about 2500 yards and paddled a short distance! Paddling was actually still do-able as long as I put the same foot back as the side I was paddling on. This is backward but the only way my belly could fit!
Hawaii has been wonderful and I’m already looking forward to the next time I return- with Baby!


I began my official Honolulu marathon training tonight.  At least, I’m calling my 25 minutes on the treadmill the beginning of my training because it sounds more fun that way!  I have yet to make up a schedule but I’ll get to that this weekend.  I’ve decided that I’m going to begin my first two weeks by running every other day so as not to shock my body too much, and see how that feels.  My goal tonight was to monitor my heart rate and see where I’m at physically after traveling and not running much.  We went to the gym before dinner and I set the pace to a steady 10 minute mile.  I had to re-train my feet which direction to face because my left heel kept making its way toward my right inner ankle and kicking it!  I fixed that fast so I wouldn’t be bruised, then relaxed into my run.

The Workout:

25 minutes on the treadmill, little to no incline, 10 min/mile pace

HRM top of zone three-bottom of zone 4,  I stopped when my HR began to climb and stayed in the middle of zone 4

total body roll-out (which I plan to do every day this week to get back in the habit!)

Nikken Wellness:


mushroom immunity

omega green for cardiovascular support